Leahy says Dems will “root out the hate,” meaning Trump supporters


Socialist Senator Leahy, a doddering red diaper baby, grilled the former Capitol police chief Steven Sund about the warnings of possible problems on January 6th.

Sund read a section of the intelligence report that “indicated that members of the Proud Boys, white supremacist groups, Antifa and other extremist groups are expected to participate in the January 6th event, and may be inclined to become violent.”

What??? Antifa and other extremist groups?

No problem, Antifa is just an ‘idea.’

Actually, that came out last month but the media explained it away – Antifa didn’t come.

After blaming Donald Trump for all the rioting, he said Dems plan to “root out the hate” that drove the rioters. He means Donald Trump and 74 million Trump supporters.

“I think until we root out the hate that drove the rioters through the doors that day, no fence or tank or barrier is going to provide the safety we need,” he said. He then quoted Ben Franklin on liberty. This is as he plans to take ours away.

I guess the fences and military around our Third World capital aren’t going away any time soon.

Thank the Democrats!

Watch the hearing:

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