District 22 has a winner but Hillary lawyer put in another stay


Seven out of the eight counties in New York’s 22nd Congressional District certified votes in the 2020 election. One district was stopped from doing so. District 22 is the race without end as Democrats try mightily to steal it.

Incumbent Democratic Rep. Anthony Brindisi gained only one vote after the last irrational demand. Republican challenger Claudia Tenney now leads by 121 votes instead of 122.

WKTV gave the rundown of the counties and how the vote went if you’re interested.

New York State Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte stopped Oneida County from certifying its results, however. The Brindisi team put in another stay.

New York Supreme Court Judge Scott DelConte granted a temporary restraining order blocking Oneida County from certifying its election results pending further hearings. The stay is due to concerns that, if results were certified and a winner was seated in Congress, the New York Appellate Courts would be unable to rule on a winner if they found irregularities.

Brindisi wanted DelConte to block all certification because he wants a full “hand recount of all ballots.” After three months of counting and filings, Brindisi claims there are “substantial errors and irregularities” with the voting machines.

The recount was denied.

Brindisi and Tenney released statements. Brandisi is still in denial.

Tenney’s statement basically declares victory.


A New York state trial court judge has ruled that Republican Claudia Tenney has won New York’s 22nd Congressional District election.

After Tenney’s win, Elias’ law firm sought a stay of the ruling, effectively blocking Tenney from taking her seat.

Marc Elias is the far-left Hillary Clinton-dossier-redistricting lawyer.

Elias criticized DJT for delegitimizing the presidential election but delegitimize the Brindisi-Tenney election.

“Part of the goal on Trump’s part was to delegitimize the election because he’s a loser and he doesn’t want to be known as a loser,” Elias says. “The overwhelming majority of these cases were either frivolous or near-frivolous, in that they were procedurally infirmed or based on wild-eyed conspiracy theories. And that’s all borne out in the way in which the courts have treated them.”

Elias has 54 lawyers working on getting Brindisi into a seat he didn’t win and keeping Tenney from ever doing her job.

It’s a ridiculous stay and shouldn’t go anywhere.

This is another example of the two-tier system at play.


In this clip banned by YouTube, Claudia Tenney reviews what went on before this latest ruling:

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