Disturbing! Chris Wallace Blasts Trump’s Attorney But Clearly Doesn’t Get It


Chris Wallace battered Jay Sekulow on Fox News Sunday for saying there is no investigation of the President nor has there been. Wallace speculated and made the point that there could be an investigation the President doesn’t know about. As Sekulow said, he only goes with facts.

What was disturbing was when Wallace later acted as if there is definitely an investigation of Trump. The only ones saying that are anonymous sources speaking to the media.

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein made it clear in a statement this past week that people should not believe anonymous sources in the news.

Wallace either didn’t understand what Sekulow was saying or he didn’t care to understand.

Check out the short clip.

Chuck Todd discussed this earlier

Chuck Todd discussed this with Jay Sekulow this morning on Meet the Press, but Chris Wallace was much harder on Sekulow.  Some might say Wallace sounded more like a Democrat than the Democrat media, Todd being one.

Wallace called out Sekulow for saying “now he’s [Trump’s] being investigated”. Sekulow explained he was giving the constitutional reasoning. Wallace took it further and acted as if the investigation was a given, however, Sekulow said there has been no notification of an investigation of the President and that’s the fact.

The attorney’s point was that Wallace was asking for speculation. The facts are that no one has advised the Trump team or Trump that he is under investigation. Everything else is speculation.

Sekulow said the President has not mentioned Mueller or Rosenstein and wouldn’t be able to say if he did.

Wallace said Sekulow was representing the President and Sekulow said he’s only representing the facts.

Wallace called the debate “weird” and said he “couldn’t get a straight answer” out of Sekulow. Sekulow said Wallace was conflating a constitutional process – criminal law – with a political process.

It grew very heated.

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