Do-gooder bitten and choked on de Blasio’s ‘overwhelmingly’ safe subway


A good Samaritan was bitten and choked on the D train at Columbus Circle Saturday, in the latest off-the-rails subway attack. He stepped in when a 44-year-old suspect harassed a passenger.

That’s when the vagrant attacked him with his mouth and hands, according to the NYPD.

Police arrested the unnamed attacker, and the victim went to the hospital for treatment of his injuries, police said.

The attack comes a day after four people were slashed and one was punched at three Manhattan stations in a 12-minute span, by a group of suspects on a subway crime spree.

But…but communist Mayor Bill de Blasio says it’s SAFE! He rides the subway, he says, and it’s safe. Don’t say it isn’t.

“What’s happening right now is clearly at the instruction of the governor. The MTA leadership is fearmongering. I’ve never seen anything like it. Constantly saying something isn’t safe when it is,” de Blasio said in early May. “I’ve ridden the subways, so many folks in my life ride the subways all the time. They’re overwhelmingly safe.”


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