Shocker! Voters don’t like Kamala Harris, Joe’s replacement


Kamala Harris is not popular with voters, which is what one would expect. The latest polling has her at 48% unfavorable to 41% favorable.

She won’t be a great replacement for Joe Biden with those numbers, and we don’t think Joe is going to make it to the end of his term.

Democrat voters, including black Democrat voters, rejected her in such huge numbers that she didn’t make it to a primary, any primary. And there has been no improvement.

She was at 0% in her run for the presidency and wouldn’t have won her own state. Her response to that failure was to say her fellow Democrats were racists or misogynists.

Harris’s fundraising was also non-existent. People didn’t want to give her money.

The vice president doesn’t laugh, she cackles, and she does it at all the wrong times. Her responses are often awkward and inappropriate for the moment.

Her politics are hard-left and she doesn’t appear to have a handle on anything.

Even after being given this prominent position, nothing has changed. People don’t like her. That’s something Democrats and Republicans agree on.

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