DOD Report of Troops Suspected of Wanting to Overthrow the Government


The Democrat regime claims they have found 183 allegations of extremism across all the branches of the military, broken down not only into efforts to overthrow the government and terrorism but also advocating for widespread discrimination or violence to achieve political goals. You can read the report on this link or below. Make a note of the Marxist DEI the regime is forcing into the military. Much of the report is devoted to it.

Three allegations were made about troops advocating for or committing violence to deprive people of their rights, and 32 allegations centered on troops advocating for widespread discrimination of people based on race, religion, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

In 2021, the year the data was first released to Congress, there were 270 allegations of extremist activities. In 2022, that figure dropped to 146 before rebounding over the past year.

The Army had the most allegations in fiscal 2023 with 130 soldiers suspected of participation in extremist activity. The Air Force suspected 29 airmen; the Navy and Marine Corps reported 10 service members each. For the first time, the inspector general also reported numbers for the Space Force as a separate entity from the other services — it suspected four Guardians of extremism.


The Democrat military is purging the conservative military soldiers and officers, so is this legitimate, or is this part of the purge?

This is the same military that is forcing DEI down the throats of servicemen and has depicted conservatives, parents, and Christians as domestic terrorists. The administration thinks the January 6 riot was an [unarmed] insurrection.


This is the same military with Marxists teaching in West Point and graduating from West Point.

People might remember Spenser Rapone, a communist who graduated from West Point, proudly displaying Che Guevara’s photo on his shirt under his dress uniform. His hat had a message for us also. West Point knew about him two years before graduation. Communists are trying to overthrow the government, not conservatives.

Spenser Rapone

The Sentinel posted a letter from one of his professors, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Heffington, who wrote a scathing missive about the deteriorating state of West Point and Rapone’s flagrant, outrageous behavior that was ignored despite pitifully poor evaluations. Unfortunately, the Lt. Col. was the one who was vilified for his thoroughly detailed assessments.

Rapone wasn’t the only Communist to graduate.

Lt. Col. Huffington told The Daily Caller, “I had seen similar attitudes on soldiers getting out of the Army before. He was critical of the war strategy in Afghanistan as being a continuation of imperialism.”

The Lt. Col. isn’t the only one who has noticed the Communist infiltration at West Point.

In mid-October, a former senior faculty member contacted by The Daily Caller indicated that Lieutenant Colonel Heffington’s criticisms were “spot on” — and too forgiving if anything.


An active duty Army officer contacted by The Daily Caller, who asked to remain anonymous, agreed with the sentiments of Lieutenant Colonel Heffington.

The officer said that criticism of the increasing civilian influence within West Point was entirely warranted. “I can assure you,” the officer stated, “there are a number of avowed communists [teaching at West Point].”

The officer said he has “personally heard” two civilian professors claim to be communists. One in particular, he adds, was “quite proud of this fact.”

According to the officer, the presence and influence of openly Marxist faculty members is partially to blame for the leniency that the academy showed then-cadet Spenser Rapone. “Why punish this Ché-loving former cadet, Rapone, when we let senior faculty openly support such views?” the officer asked.


It doesn’t make you cynical if you are skeptical of the DOD report.

Timcast discusses it at the beginning of this clip:


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Obama's boyfriend
Obama's boyfriend
2 months ago

What would you expect from a leadership class that only exists to loot the citizenry and a business class that exists to sell out the assets of the nation?

As for the commies, isn’t it amazing that Obama owns three mansions, and Bernie owns three too? Such good Marxists but who has ever seen an impoverished Marxist leader?

Save America
Save America
2 months ago

No one is standing up for the American citizens, the nation is doomed by the idiots running the clown show.

2 months ago

More like concerned true patriots that see things have gone awry. What has been happening in all branches of the government under this administration, is nothing less than illegal, unconstitutional, unprofessional.

They have politicized and polarized every branch of the government with destructive idiotically liberal concepts, that are causing the destruction of the government itself, the nation, and are oppressing the people to conform to their irrational demands.

You cannot call what they are doing anything but malfeasance, odious dereliction of duty

2 months ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Correct. Communists are trying to overthrow the government, not conservatives.