DOJ Counsel Hopes to Criminalize Fundraising, But Only Donald Trump’s


DOJ Counsel Is Investigating Trump for Fundraising Off the 2020 Election

DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith is investigating Donald Trump for ordinary fundraising activities in connection with a potentially stolen election. Most people find it hard to believe that Joe Biden won over 81 million people.

According to the Washington Post, the investigators are seeking to determine if Donald Trump or his associates deceived donors by using false claims about voter fraud to solicit donations.

Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office has issued subpoenas to various individuals, including former Trump campaign aides, Republican operatives, and consultants involved in the 2020 presidential campaign, the report said.


Some of these individuals have reportedly given testimony to a grand jury in D.C.

The investigation focuses on the money raised between Nov. 3, 2020, and Jan. 20, 2021, and whether the fundraising operation violated wire fraud laws.

These laws prohibit making false representations via email to defraud people of their money. Trump’s fundraising emails are said to be aggressive, as are most fundraising emails.

Both parties fundraise on every issue imaginable, whether justified or not.

The subpoenas seek specific types of communication to compare what Trump’s allies and advisers were saying privately about the voter-fraud claims to what they were publicly appealing for, which generated over $200 million in donations from supporters.

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