DoJ/FBI Flouts Congress, Rep. DeSantis Talks About Throwing Them in Jail


Congress has constitutional powers to oversee the DoJ and the FBI but in order to do so, they need the documents on the cases they are investigating. The DoJ and the FBI have flatly refused to provide any of those documents after stonewalling for months.

Rep. Ron De Santis was asked by Lou Dobbs what he plans to do now that the DoJ and FBI have failed to turn over requested documents by the deadline which was today.

The representative said that Congress must exert its authority and file contempt of court charges. He is also talking jail.

“I think what we have to do is use Congress’s inherent contempt authority that was done for 175 years,” De Santis said. “You have to bring them into Congress. You have a vote on the contempt and then you detain them. Just as if you were in contempt of court, the judge would detain you. And they’re detained until they comply. And here is what I predict, if they were put in the House jail for contempt of Congress we’d have the documents within 24 hours.”

De Santis believes the DoJ and the FBI are worried the truth will come out.

Listen to the video via Lou Dobbs Tonight.


  1. BREAKING: District Court Judge Rules Fusion-GPS Must Turn Over Bank Records…U.S. District Judge Richard J Leon ruled today that Fusion-GPS must turn over their banking records as required under the existing congressional subpoena…………. the old saying FOLLOW THE MONEY, we will see !!!!!!!

  2. Devin Nunes released a statement(Jan 3) following a discussion with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. According to the statement, Nunes will get all the requested documents and be given a schedule for the interviews with FBI Agent Peter Strzok, FBI Attorney Lisa Page and DOJ Deputy Attorney Bruce Ohr, it looks like the De Santis interview with Dobbs was a little pre-mature

  3. The Attorney General needs to be replaced; He is either crooked or a wet noodle. We know that Rosenstein is just a political hack; Looks like the shooting war will be forthcoming. What a shame we no longer have a constitution. Time to fire Sessions, RosenSTAIN, and Mueller and a bunch of other ragamuffins.

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