DOJ Won’t Release the Affidavit & Rudy a Target of a Criminal Investigation


The Justice Department is opposing the release of the underlying affidavit just days after it agreed to unseal the warrant approving the search of former President Donald Trump’s Florida resort.

“There remain compelling reasons, including to protect the integrity of an ongoing law enforcement investigation that implicates national security, that supports keeping the affidavit sealed,” DOJ lawyers declared on Monday, also indicating, however, they would be open to releasing redacted portions of other related documents.

Without that, the Biden administration can keep cherry-picking what information they release. They can also hide why they went with the warrant, which could have little or no basis.

We don’t even know if Donald Trump is the target, although taking his passport was nasty and undoubtedly meant to make him look guilty.

According to Donald Trump’s post on TruthSoical, the FBI also “stole” his passports, an unexpired one, and his current passport.


Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani is set to testify on August 17 in Atlanta, Georgia in front of a grand jury in what the prosecution alleges was his role in looking into election integrity concerns in Georgia’s 2020 general election results.

He’s a target of the Fulton County DA Fani Willis can’t be fair. She’s also targeting Donald Trump. There is no way he could get a fair trial in Georgia. The same goes for the DC case.

Giuliani was informed that he was the target of a probe into his possible interference in the 2020 election. Much of this stems from the Trump campaign’s efforts to create slates of alternate electors who could vote for Trump in the Electoral College should the original results be inaccurate.

That’s not a crime.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
7 months ago

Of course, they won’t, at least not until they can rig something up to bring charges. But this may just turn around and bite them in the ass.

7 months ago

If you watch MSNBC (Morning Joe) you see the Insane Liberals telling us they are the Conservatives and President Trump and America’s Patriots are the Fascist Communist. These people are truly insane psychopaths.

When the Deep State Bureaucrat controlled Government refuses to let the people and even the Congress know what it is going, it’s time for a New Government! Conservatives would like to do this the easy way with Free and Fair Elections void of Fraud. Liberals on the other hand are hell bend on Kinetic War. They have Illegally seized power and refuse to give it up. They showed us in the Summer of 2020 that they have no problem burning cities down to get their way. Conservative and Republicans don’t burn Cities down in a Democrat Temper Tantrum! It’s the Democrats raging Kinetic War, you really don’t want Conservatives, Patriots, and Republicans engaging you in Kinetic War. We will starve you out, then piss on your mass graves for a Thousand Years.

Democrats stole the 2020 Election; Admit to your Crimes and we might show leniency for the Rank and File Democrats. Patriots won’t rest until the Traitors are arrested, tried, and hanged. You can’t allow Coups in a Constitutional Republic. we don’t live in a Mob Rule Democracy!

7 months ago

That Omnibus filing reads no different than the Carter Page warrant. If elections are “critical infrastructure” it would suggest a “national security” issue as a result. What are the chances the “Affidavit” is about the election and its aftermath combined with other matters.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
7 months ago

It was predictable that the core content of the warrant will never be released and that national security is the reason. This is how the US Stasi works. Any threat to their criminal operation is a threat to “national security”, because the state is almighty. The status of the rest of the warrant is still unclear, from what you wrote there will be other redactions when it is released.