Pfizer CEO Has COVID but “Thankful” for All Those Vaccine Shots


Quadruple vaxxed Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has COVID, but don’t worry; he’s taking Paxlovid, which also doesn’t work. He’s very grateful he had all those Pfizer vaccines and claims that’s why he has mild symptoms.

Most afflicted now have mild symptoms, but Bourla didn’t mention that.

Bourla wants you to take Paxlovid, but many doctors say the drug – that Biden spent $10.6 billion on –-doesn’t work. There is a recurrence effect for some people who have taken Paxlovid.

The CDC finally changed its guidelines to conform to the science. The vaccinated and unvaccinated are to be treated the same. That’s a long time coming since vaccinated people still catch COVID and still spread it.

Compared to natural immunity, vaccines don’t provide much protection and have adverse reactions for too many.

The authoritarianism, including from Bourla, that resulted from the health officials’ lies was jaw-dropping. Ruining businesses, education, getting people fired, making us run around with masks that don’t work, and not letting us go to church was a disgusting overreach. You could go to pot shops, liquor stores, and Antifa riots, but not a church.

They made people into guinea pigs without adequate testing in too many cases. Giving it to children was particularly egregious.

Well, at least a lot of corrupt people got rich, yay! That includes Bourla, who is still trying to sell the drug that has killed some boys and young men.

Twitter canceled Alex Berenson at the White House’s request because he dared say these masks aren’t working and there are a lot of breakthrough cases. Now, most are breakthrough cases. He was right.

These WOKEs even wanted us to wear masks outside. They filled playgrounds with sand. It was nuts.

Parents worried about the damage to their children with masks and lockdowns were investigated without cause.

As we pointed out on this site, the dishonest health officials lied and lied. We know they lied. It’s proven.

It’s not just Bourla:

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