Don Lemon’s worried about riots, wants Biden to blame Trump


CNN TV host Don Lemon is worried that the ‘mostly peaceful protests’/riots are going to affect the Biden/Harris poll numbers. As a solution, he wants Joe Biden to blame President Trump for the riots. He wants him to say the [Democrat] riots are on President Trump’s watch and when he, Biden, is President, the riots will stop.

However, the problem he will have is the riots are irrevocably tied to the ‘mostly peaceful protests’ against Trump, the police, and other left-wing causes.

The people rioting are doing it to help Joe Biden for the most part. And it’s Democrats in blue cities who aid and abet the rioting. They even refuse help from the President. When the DOJ sent federal officers — not military — into Portland, the Democrat politicians — Wheeler, Brown, et al — screamed bloody murder for them to get out of Oregon.

Democrats like Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler give lip service to wanting peaceful demonstrations but Wheeler only condemns them when lives are clearly at immediate risk. When a rioter is hurt, he becomes very vocal, but not when the police are hurt. The only time he musters support for the police is when ‘demonstrators’ are clearly trying to kill the police.


This new concern might be why the leftists on Twitter are now attempting to blame the teeny group of Boogaloos or nameless white supremacists for the riots. That’s the nonsense trending yesterday. [White supremacists can also be left-wing socialists — associating them with the right alone is a fallacy. As far as the Nazis are concerned, they are socialists and are also left-wing. In any case, there aren’t many of them and they aren’t the problem.]

The work of independent journalists covering the mayhem has exposed the truth. These rioters are leftists who are embraced by Democrats for the sake of votes.

Nancy Pelosi won’t condemn them. Instead, she calls Republicans and the President, in particular, “domestic terrorists,” and “enemies of the people.”

The media should be embarrassed for hiding the truth of these riots in So far, the year 2020 has seen riots in Atlanta, Saint Louis, Seattle, New York City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Oakland, Denver, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Trenton, Atlantic City, Boston, Louisville, Bakersfield, Columbus, and so on.


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