Donald Trump Can’t Make the $464 Million Payment to NY


Trump’s enemies are moving to destroy his business, steal his money, smear his reputation, end his presidential campaign, and, if they can, imprison him.

On Monday, a new court filing emerged in which Trump’s legal team admitted that it is a “practical impossibility” for him to make the $464 million payment and requested a stay in the execution of the monetary portion of the civil fraud ruling, pending the outcome of an appeal process.

Defendants must typically post a bond payment in excess of the penalty against them to file for an appeal.

Donald Trump can’t even file an appeal until he makes the bond.

“Despite scouring the market,” the filing read, “we have been unsuccessful in our effort to obtain a bond for the Judgment Amount for Defendants for the simple reason that obtaining an appeal bond for $464 million is a practical impossibility under the circumstances presented.”

The filing included a statement attesting to this argument from Gary Giulietti, an executive with the insurance outfit Lockton Companies, which Trump has retained to help obtain a bond.

No one will take on the communists in the New York Justice Department. They could seize Donald Trump’s buildings if he doesn’t win this.

In the appeals court, Trump’s lawyers are instead asking the court to allow Trump to pay the $100 million previously offered to pursue an appeal.

“As we reported earlier, Trump’s estimated liquidity was widely believed to be less than his civil judgments,” his attorney wrote. “The sureties willing to consider a bond of this magnitude ‘will not ‘accept hard assets such as real estate as collateral,” his lawyers say.”

The New York Attorney General’s case was non-existent. What she is doing and what Judge Engoron helped her do is evil.

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