Former PM on Trudeau & Biden Working Politics in Haiti & Ensuing Chaos


Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau have, in effect, been running domestic politics in Haiti for the past few years. The result is chaos and cannibalism. Pretty soon a big portion of the Haitian population will be living in Florida. Haiti’s former prime minister Laurent Lamothe explains.

He went through a history of violence, overthrows, and natural disasters. Lamothe said there were no gangs then.

Mr. Lamothe wants international help and talk to people who know Haiti and know what they need. They need constant security, or they will all be living in Florida.


Biden helped create a one-party state in Haiti, just as he’s trying to do here in the United States.


Tucker [00:17:00] So this, you know what? Whatever anyone thinks about Haiti or you specifically, I think any honest person would acknowledge what you said is a balanced, rational, deeply informed take on what’s happening in Haiti. So if I’m the U.S. State Department and I’m trying to prevent a refugee crisis, you’re one of the first people I call, obviously. How many conversations have you had with the Biden State Department in the last year?

Laurent Lamothe [00:17:28] No, I have none.

Tucker [00:17:31] What? No. Why wouldn’t? So you were part of a relatively speaking, and very successful government in Haiti. And the numbers prove that. Why wouldn’t they call you? To ask your advice since you were the Prime Minister of Haiti.

Laurent Lamothe [00:17:47] … the State Department made a choice after the assassination of President Moise. They went all into supporting a formula of basically backing Prime Minister Ariel Henry as prime minister, the one who just resigned right after 30 months. So.

Prime Minister Henry, when he came into power, was from the opposition. So he was supposedly going, you know, supposedly, like I said, you know, we’re supposed to bridge people together and bring people together in order for a common solution, but essentially what actually happened? He came in on a four-month mandate to organize elections, renew or organize a vote, a referendum for a new constitution, and leave power on the 7th of February, 2022.

And then two days after President Moise gets assassinated. So he was, basically, nominated prime minister. The president is assassinated. He’s killed at his house. 12 bullets to the head at 3:00 in the morning. And then two days after, now the situation is that Ariella has basically, two – post president and Prime Minister. And he had four months to do this. So he got the full support of the State Department. …

And in order to I mean, rather than organizing elections, rather than organizing a referendum for a new constitution, he tried to hang on to power. And rather than staying for months, he stayed 30 months, enduring those 30 months trying to hang on to power. He basically and having a lot of, you know, turmoil in the world, he what, he did, he essentially was given a list, a hit list by both Canada, especially Prime Minister Trudeau.

In order to block, sanction and put a travel ban on anybody that would be seen or perceived as opposition to him. There are over 50 people that were in that case, and all of them happened to me in opposition to the former prime minister. So, essentially, he created a perfect storm where he had absolutely no opposition. The dissent, the dissent was silenced. Opposition was completely shuttered. And that was supported. And up until a few days ago, when the Prime Minister resigned because the population had enough with him and said, you know, and told him to get out.

So this is why I think, you know, I haven’t been called by the State Department.

Tucker [00:20:45] Right. So the Biden administration helped create a one-party state in Haiti, which they’d like to do here as well as, you know, tell us about barbecue, who’s getting a lot of attention on social media? Who is he? Why is he called barbecue? What’s his role in the country?


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