Donald Trump Reacts to Letitia James Dropping out of the Gov’s Race


The message below from Donald Trump in reference to Letitia James is accurate no doubt.  People do see how unfair she is to him.

However, it is Leftist New York, and many were probably turned off by her campaign against Andrew Cuomo, whose popularity never really sank. Her assault ignored the seniors in nursing homes who died because of his policies. Instead, she chose to go after Cuomo for the alleged MeToo incidents. While I don’t doubt Cuomo is capable of harassing women and might well be guilty, some of it was created out of whole cloth. People have to see that.

James thinks it’s okay to go after political opponents, Beria-style, with no evidence of a crime. She keeps looking for one by Trump and if she doesn’t find one, she’ll invent one. She’s a Marxist through and through.


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