Biden Pushes His Pernicious Gun Bills, Exploiting the Deaths of Children


“When guns are outlawed, only the Government will have guns. The Government – and a few outlaws. If that happens, you can count me among the outlaws.”
― Edward Abbey, Postcards from Ed: Dispatches and Salvos from an American Iconoclast

Figurehead Biden on Tuesday pushed lawmakers to pass three bills aimed at taking guns from Americans in remarks exploiting the ninth anniversary of the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

Mr. Biden said the Senate must quickly pass the three measures, which have cleared the House.

The first bill would expand background checks, the second would prohibit guns for domestic abusers and the third is Mr. Biden’s $1.75 trillion climate and spending bill, which allocates $5 billion for community violence intervention.


Biden’s plan is a confiscation plan.

Funding Gun Control Laws Nationwide

CVI or Community Violence Intervention is used to fund gun control in big cities. The Gun Owners of America highlighted evidence that CVI funds had been misused in this way.

While the language in the legislation is vague, community violence intervention (CVI) is a phrase that was first coined by gun control activists, according to Politico. It grew in popularity after it was adopted by Gabby Giffords, a former Congresswoman and co-founder of the gun control advocacy organization “Giffords.”

They could prevent violence by funding the police, letting them do their jobs, and keeping criminals in prison.

The National Gun Registry

The ATF has compiled a registry of 54 million gun owners in America. What do you think Biden will do with these records? Gun advocacy groups say that information is being used by the federal government to create a national gun owners’ database, which is prohibited under U.S. law.

The administration is trying to force gun shops to keep gun records in perpetuity. Gun stores currently have the right to destroy records after 20 years.

Aidan Johnston, the Gun Owners of America’s director of federal affairs, told the Beacon. “Instead of maintaining the right of [licensed firearm dealers] to destroy Firearm Transaction Records after 20 years, buried within Biden’s proposed regulations is a provision that would mean every single Firearm Transaction Record going forward would eventually be sent to ATF’s registry in West Virginia.”

The media makes the gun bills sound innocuous. They are not.

Making Gun Ownership and Manufacturing Impossible

The bills would eliminate legal protections that prevent gun manufacturers from being held liable for how their products are used.

One bill forces owners of assault-style rifles to either sell their firearms through a voluntary buyback program or register them with the federal government under the same law that was first used to strictly control sales of machine guns in the wake of the gangland shootings of the 1920s and ’30s.

The bills will close alleged, [non-existent] loopholes in background checks before gun purchases, ban the sale of assault-style rifles and high-capacity magazines, and allow states to implement “red flag” laws.

Ignoring gangs and the fact that gun laws are not enforced in most blue cities, he is going for the guns of legal gun owners. It’s being done for power and control.


“As a nation, we owe all of these families more than our prayers, we owe them actions,” the president said in a prerecorded message. He did not signal any new actions he would take to combat gun violence but emphasized the need for Congress to act.

“There are three commonsense bills to reduce gun violence that the Senate should pass now, right away. Long overdue,” Mr. Biden said.“I know our politics are frustrating and can be frustrating and it’s particularly frustrating now. But we can’t give up hope, we can’t stop,” Mr. Biden also referred to the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and last month’s shooting at a high school in Oxford, Michigan, saying such incidents “embarrass us as a nation.”

He also expressed frustration that Congress did not pass several gun proposals, including one that would have expanded background checks and another that would have banned assault weapons, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting.

“We came close to legislation, but we came up short. It was so darn frustrating. And it’s still frustrating now for you and me and so many others,” he said. “We have to keep up the pressure.”

The administration on Tuesday also released a fact sheet highlighting the work it has done to combat gun violence, including cracking down on ghost guns and helping states enact red flag laws. He used isolated incidences that support his narrative but ignores cartel and gang violence rampant in our cities.

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