Donald Trump Responds to “Crazy Liz Cheney”


Liz Cheney is out on the media circuit telling left-wing outlets that if Trump is back in office, he will never leave. “A vote for Donald Trump may mean the last election that you ever get to vote in,” Cheney said. “People have to recognize that a vote for Donald Trump is a vote against the Constitution,” Cheney said on Today.

That’s the opposite of the truth. Biden is creating a dictatorship.

Cheney is hawking her book with the pompous name Oath and Honor.

Donald Trump responded to her demagoguery by calling her “crazy,” which is probably true.

“Crazy Liz Cheney, who suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome at a level rarely seen before,” Trump wrote on Truth Social, “writes in her boring new book that Kevin McCarthy said he came to Mar-a-Lago after the RIGGED election because ‘the former president was depressed and not eating.’ That statement is not true. I was not depressed, I was ANGRY, and it was not that I was not eating; it was that I was eating too much,” Trump said.

“But that’s not why Kevin McCarthy was there,” he continued. “He was at Mar-a-Lago to get my support and to bring the Republican Party together – Only good intentions. Liz Cheney, on the other hand, went on to lose her seat in Congress by the largest margin for a sitting Congressperson in the history of the U.S. She then worked with others on the J6 Committee to delete and destroy the evidence and findings of the committee.”

Cheney is a proven liar.

Cheney is pushing for Democrats to take the House and the presidency. Her motives, whatever they are, seem deranged.

Lindsey Graham is wrong a lot, but not on this:

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2 months ago

And Bill Barr Is Going to Jump Off a Bridge.

2 months ago

The wheels are falling off the power trippers wagon.