Rep. Has Evidence NYC Is Trying to Get Illegal Crossers to Vote


New York House Republican Nicole Malliotakis says she has “smoking gun” proof that city officials are trying to help get illegal immigrants registered to vote. The city denies it.

Don’t worry. We’ve been assured the elections are secure.

Nicole Malliotakis

Rep. Malliotakis obtained a copy of a contract between New York City’s Department of Social Services and Homes for the Homeless, a nonprofit that has been contracted to build emergency migrant shelters as the border crisis depletes the city’s resources.

In an appendix of that contract, Malliotakis said the city appears to require contractors to provide copies of voter registration forms for migrants at their shelters.

She showed a copy to Fox News Digital.

“This is the smoking gun that proves what we’ve been saying all along, that the city intends to register noncitizens to vote, and even those who are residing in these migrant shelters for just 30 days,” Malliotakis said at a press conference in Staten Island. “It is extremely concerning. It should be concerning to every citizen.”

“”Such voter registration forms shall be provided to the Contractor by the City. The Contractor should be prepared to provide forms written in Spanish or Chinese, and shall obtain a sufficient supply of such forms from the City,” the file stated.

Another section of the same appendix appears to forbid the shelter from inquiring about immigration status unless specifically required.

We have one million illegal aliens in New York City. Their vote gives Democrats a permanent electoral majority.

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Trump Won
Trump Won
2 months ago

And this is how the democrats will win in 2024 and why senile Joe can campaign from his basement. I’m sure this activity is going on in other cities as well. You can bet, they have many other tricks up their sleeve.

Last edited 2 months ago by Trump Won
Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
2 months ago

Serious question: How can the innocent deal with such imbedded deceivers?