Donald Trump to Go on Trial in Manhattan on March 25th


Since it looks like Jack Smith’s case will be put off, possibly until after the election, Manhattan has determined they will begin the hush money trial on March 25. The star witness against Mr. Trump is Michael Cohen, a convicted congenital liar.

Donald Trump was in court today, and the Judge rejected his lawyer’s request to dismiss it.

This is the first trial of a former president in US history. [It’s also the first for such a petty invented crime with a lying witness. Trump’s personal funds went to Stormy, and it was not a campaign finance violation.]

The US attorney’s office refused to pursue the case. Still, Alvin Bragg, who has never met a minority or Democrat criminal he doesn’t love, decided to bring this case against his political opponent.

Jury selection will proceed on March 25. He is in court today at a pretrial hearing. This case surrounds a payment to hooker and striptease performer Stormy Daniels.

The judge is Juan Merchan, who has taken on Trump‘s cases before and has never been kind.

Outside the courtroom, before the hearing got underway, Trump said the case represented a great double standard and election interference. He said he wanted a delay because how do you run for Office when you’re sitting in a courtroom?

Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, said the decision not to delay the hearing was a “grave injustice.”

“We have been faced with compressed and expedited schedules in every one of these trials. We – meaning myself, the firm, and President Trump – have been put into an impossible position,” said Blanche.

That’s undoubtedly the goal – put Donald Trump in an impossible position.

Even though this is the weakest and most absurd of the cases, any jury they would pick in Manhattan would find Trump guilty no matter how innocent he could be. The Manhattan courts have been corrupt for a very long time, but when it comes to politics, they are even worse. That I know from people I know who have been victimized by corrupt people on the take.

The prosecution and defense reviewed the questions they can ask of jurors to look for bias. It seems like a waste of time.

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