Navarro Must Report to Prison, Faces a 3-Democrat Judge Panel Next


In September, a DC Democrat jury convicted Peter Navarro of contempt of Congress. No Trump supporter can win in DC. Navarro used executive privilege as a defense. He asked the judge to let him remain out of prison pending appeal.

Screengrab, Peter Navarro

District Judge Amit Mehta, an Obama appointee, denied Navarro’s request.

Mr. Navarro will have to serve four months in prison while he goes through the appeals process.

Next month, a three-judge panel of all Democrat judges – including the Biden appointee who just denied Trump’s claims of presidential immunity – will consider Navarro’s appeal. The panel will not allow oral arguments in the matter.

Mr. Navarro is an elderly man, a prominent trade advisor with a spotless record, who stood on principle to not respond to a subpoena by the fraudulent and corrupt J6 panel of Trump haters.

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