Donald Trump’s Crime: He Intended to Commit Fraud


According to Harris Faulkner of Fox News, the prosecution finally told us what crime Donald Trump committed. She said that the crime “came from Cohen making an excessive campaign contribution” by paying Stormy Daniels and then getting reimbursed. The payment was to influence the election.

Faulkner pointed out that the defense proved Cohen’s motivation was to protect Trump’s family, not influence the election. Several witnesses attested to that.

She added that the prosecution claims they don’t have to prove Trump committed a crime, only that he had the ‘intent’ to defraud or violate the law.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was exonerated for actual crimes because the FBI allegedly couldn’t possibly determine her intent.

It sounds like they’re looking for a thought crime. We’re officially Orwellian. Donald Trump didn’t have to commit fraud. He just needed to have the intent.

This is crazy. It’s a dumpster fire. Hopefully, even a Manhattan jury won’t buy it.


John Roberts posted, “It is more nuanced than that. All 12 need unanimity that Trump committed a crime. But the underlying unlawful means is a smorgasbord they can pick from – and they don’t all need to agree on what it was.”

This means that there must still be a unanimous guilty verdict, but the jurors do not have to be unanimous about the actual offense. There are three to choose from, and all 12 jurors don’t have to agree, just so long as there are 12 votes overall. I’m told that’s New York law in these cases.

There is still no underlying crime.

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