Jill Biden: Joe’s Smart, Trump Can’t Put Sentences Together


Mrs. Biden said we’ll see how smart Joe is during the presidential debate. She said Donald Trump can’t put a sentence together. She’s gaslighting us as if we can’t see and hear.

The Biden’s are like a dysfunctional hillbilly family that somehow found their way into the White House.

“My husband, you’re going to see how smart he is and the experience he has. And then you’ll see somebody who can’t put a sentence together.”

Jill says we will lose all our rights if more Republican Justices are appointed. She told Americans to choose ‘good over evil.’

If we don’t vote for Joe, we will lose our rights, our democracy, women’s rights (what’s a woman?), and freedom.

We live in a world of make-believe brought to you by Progressive Democrats. Joe was in Philadelphia, reaching out to a small number of black college kids who had to attend the event. He lied, slurred, and race-baited.

Crazy Joe is going to build a $60 zillion bridge in Baltimore. That’s a lot of money. Does anyone think this is normal?

Joe isn’t going to raise taxes but he already has.

When Kamala Harris spoke, she bragged about ignoring the SCOTUS on student loan debt. Who can hold her accountable for not following the law? Anyone? She lied, claiming Trump wanted to take away healthcare from black Americans and cut Social Security and Medicare.

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