Don’t Let Anyone See the Obama Plan for Ukraine in 2014


According to several analysts, the US saw this war in Ukraine coming in 2014 because they planned it. The analysis should be heard and considered as we march to Armageddon with our 290 million radiation pills and Joe Biden.

Col. Richard Black fought gallantly in uniform for 32 years. He is a brave defender of our country, but he is opposed to this war in Ukraine. During an interview at the Schiller Institute, he explained, “…I am adamantly opposed to our current wars, especially the very dangerous war that we’ve engaged in Ukraine. I believe the U.S., the U.K., and the European Union have embarked on an imprudent course of action that has carried a significant risk of triggering an all-out nuclear war.”

He believes that the leaders in these nations thought they could destroy Putin, but they’ve failed. The Russian banks quickly reconstituted, and Putin turned his oil to China, Turkey, India, etc.

Col. Black is troubled by the fact that so many Ukrainians are dying needlessly. They’ve put up a great defense but have yet to launch an effective counter-offensive.

That brings us to the following clip in which Col. Black explains that the US under Barack Obama was instrumental in overthrowing the elected government of Ukraine.  He said that Victoria Nuland was literally talking about who should or should not be in the incoming administration. She was trying to fool the Ukrainian administration even when selecting the new one.

We then began surging advanced weapons into Ukraine, Black claimed in this interview from September.


In this next clip, an Obama supporter talked about the 2014 plan for Ukraine. They basically planned to take the country out from under Russia. They wanted Russia to let Ukraine go.

Economist Michael Hudson said the US wanted to stop Russia from becoming democratic and end the need for NATO. He said they decided to do exactly what they did in Afghanistan when they enlisted Osama bin Laden’s revolutionaries to our cause. Only in this case, we’d welcome the Ukrainian Nazis as our fighters.

In the following clip, Hudson says that if you can get the people to hate the other side and concern themselves with past Soviet atrocities, they will care about those things and not better themselves. That’s how they controlled the situation and them.

Obviously, this is a very cynical, almost paranoid view, but what do you think?

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

That is illuminating. None of the network “experts” figured out the obvious. Hudson explains it in simple terms.

1 year ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Now you understand how the Democrats have stayed in Power for so long!

1 year ago

Part of the problem in Ukraine has been NATO “training”. NATO wars are based upon “air supremacy”. Without that supremacy the mission often fails. We saw this in Iraq and Afghanistan. Whenever the conflict had an absence of air power in those two countries it didn’t turn out too well. For some reason the US, and the West, doesn’t account for a loss of air power and plan accordingly using conventional ground forces alone. Another failure is the over-sophistication of weapons. You certainly can’t expect to do routine maintenance, let alone major repairs, in a war zone. This is what Ukraine has been handed with years and years of weapons and training.

In previous wars the US has claimed they were up against a formidable foe, when in fact those forces were substandard at best, which made Western military seem the most formidable ever. But look at the West’s conflicts since WWII. All that was accomplished was taking a single country and dividing it in two, starting with Korea.

We’ve also been sold on the superior weapons built by the US. Well, Ukraine has shown those weapons aren’t accomplishing the promised goals. The ever increasing sophisticated weapons have surely been a disappointment to the Ukrainians. What is disconcerting is that Russia spends around one-tenth on the military compared to the US and yet a NATO funded and trained country is incapable of any major success, the TV pundits etc., notwithstanding. Mariupol was a prime example and Kadyrov, leader of the Chechen Republic, led his troops house to house in liberating that town from Azov. He’s back at it gaining more ground. It’s commanders like him who win wars.

1 year ago

Ike warned us about the Military Industrial Complex. It is addicted to War because the Government can just take or print money to keep the Military Industrial Complex happy. In return the Military Industrial Complex supports Congress and White House Regimes who will find ways to go to war. Democrats have been all in with the Military Industrial Complex since LBJ.

LBJ didn’t stop there. Universities created the Education Industrial Complex with Government backed Student Loans. They convinced 3 generations that the only way to get a good job was to go into debt while having a 4 year holiday at a University. Of course the Institutions of Learning got in line and paid their kickbacks to the Law Makers to keep the gravy train running. Now we are looking at a 1.5 Trillion Dollar financial train wreck.

LBJ is also responsible for The Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968. What a way to keep the poor on the Democrat Welfare Reservation.

Carter created the Department of Education. Like we need more Federal Money messing up education. The crowning Jewel was the Department of Energy. Look at energy policy today.

Along came Clinton and Hillary Care. Big Pharma has now created the Medical Industrial Complex. True to form the money ends up in Government, but this time it’s Bureaucrats getting rich also.

This is why there was supposed to be Limited Federal Government. All Governments are the same. As Government expands, it becomes exponentially corrupt. We must limit Government to only 5% of GDP and require Balanced Budgets.

We may have to take drastic action to avoid total collapse. Unfortunately, the Traitor Joe Regime thinks Thermonuclear War is a possible solution.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Sorry that this will be a bit long.
While in elementary school our family visited the library weekly. For some reason I became fascinated with wars ad the causes. Could it have been triggered by air raid drills in elementary school? Anyway I started to read all I could get my hands on about war. That study grew through high school and of course man of my university electives were in the study of people and the study of wars.
There seems to be a lot of evidence that political shenanigans have often played a role with US involvement. I saw British manipulations often behind some of the smaller wars. When the whole mid-east crisis began to blow up in the mid 50’s it seemed that British meddling in the Middle East had had a negative impact over the years.
When Kennedy got the USA involved in Viet Nam’s leadership struggles is was discomforting. The situation in Ukraine kept ringing alarm bells in my head in the Obama years (remember, Hilary had been his first Secretary of State and she is one of the most selfish dangerous women in history).
By the time it reached the 70’s I had begun to believe that most wars involving the USA was due to the way the Democrats govern. So I am now obviously very biased in my thinking.
That being said, I found it ironic when the Democrats tried to blame Trump for meddling in the Ukraine. Especially when Hunter’s history began to be revealed.
Now I wonder how close the USA is to being involved in a war in Europe and a war in Asia,. And now we are fully in the nuclear age.
I am not an isolationist! I am not anti-war. I know that war is in a sense the last step in the diplomacy cycle. Yet it is also a story of failed international policies.
I think the Democrats are badly failing both domestically and internationally and I fear for the future of my grandchildren and future generations.
Call me old-fashioned, but I believe we are no more than the legacy we face on the future generations, and right now I am bot h sick and scared.