Dr. Atlas Responds to Dr. Birx’s Latest Attack & Exposes Her & Fauci In His New Book


Dr. Scott Atlas who served on Donald Trump’s White House Covid response team with Dr. Birx, scarf lady, has been under attack. He responded to the latest attack by Dr. Birx.

Birx falsely accused Dr. Atlas of reducing testing. There is no evidence he did any such thing. To the contrary, he focused on increasing testing.

Birx’s policies were a failure and Dr. Atlas will not let her rewrite history.


In Dr. Atlas’s new book, “A Plague Upon Our House” which Fox News Digital obtained an advance copy of, Atlas says he presented data and studies showing that schools should be reopened and that children are not significant spreaders of the coronavirus but was virtually ignored by Fauci and others on the team.

“As I finished, there was silence,” Atlas wrote. “No one offered any contrary data. No one spoke of scientific studies. No one even mentioned the discredited Korea study. Zero comments from Dr. Birx. Nothing from Dr. Fauci. And as always, not a single mention by Birx or Fauci about the serious harms of school closures. In my mind, this was bizarre. Why was I the only one in the room with detailed knowledge of the literature? Why was I the only one considering the data on such an important topic with a critical eye? Were the others simply accepting bottom lines and conclusions, without any analytical evaluation? Weren’t they supposed to be expert medical scientists, too? I waited.”

Atlas said that Birx told him his opinion was “out of the mainstream” and said he was part of a “fringe” group of people who believed schools should be opened.

“Meanwhile she insisted that all experts agreed with her,” Atlas wrote. “I shook my head, thinking of some of the world-class epidemiologists who agreed with me—John Ioannidis and Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, Martin Kulldorff of Harvard, Carl Heneghan and Sunetra Gupta of Oxford—and wondered if she or Fauci had ever read a single publication by them.”

Atlas wrote that he “explained with numbers” that children did not have a significant risk of illness or death from the virus and cited statistics from New York City, California, and elsewhere documenting that while also noting data from Sweden showing zero deaths despite schools not closing and also not imposing mask mandates.

“The icing on the cake was the evidence that almost all coronavirus transmission to children comes from adults, not the other way around,” Atlas wrote. “That was not a predicate for opening schools, given the massive harms to kids if they were closed. But that evidence was already shown by contact tracing and other studies in Iceland, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Switzerland, and elsewhere. Opened schools and childcare centers did not show significant dangers to children, adults, or teachers…”They found zero instances of a child passing the infection to an adult.”

Atlas says Redfield responded to the data by saying “the jury is still out.”

“I was disgusted at Redfield’s apparent lack of knowledge, shocked at his ignoring the scientific studies that had been published from around the world,” Atlas wrote. “I looked around the room, wondering if anyone else understood the glaring incompetence on display. Clearly, Pence needed more input.”


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2 years ago

How could so many experts be so wrong? Well, that’s what happens when you are a student of Political Science instead of real Science. No Politician or Bureaucrat should be involved in your medical decisions, only your doctor should advise you and you should be the only one with the final say in the matter.

Marv From Sin City
Marv From Sin City
2 years ago

Testes, 1, 2, 3!
ET phone home and say, no intelligent life here, please beam up!
Long March Fellow Traveler burn it all down better Comrade Kommissarina Birx?
Enlightened, evolved, utopian, the ones that we have been waiting for are finally here! (puke)