Biden’s DHS Ordered Border Agents to Stop Deporting Nicaraguans


Any excuse to not deport illegal aliens will do for this open border administration. The Department of Homeland Security just ordered all deportations of Nicaraguan illegal aliens to stop. According to the latest excuse out of the treacherous DHS, it “allows the government to prevent the introduction of individuals during certain public health emergencies.”

As of Friday, all Nicaraguans can come in illegally with a few exceptions for very dangerous criminals.

The order was issued verbally on a conference call.

It’s another subversion of the Remain in Mexico, Title 42 policy DHS was ordered to follow by a court. The administration will keep doing this until no one will be sent back to Mexico. Court orders and laws mean nothing to this administration.

Official orders in writing are expected soon. The Department of Homeland Security has not issued a statement, nor has CBP.

Border Patrol agents and those in law enforcement told Just The News that the prohibition on deporting Nicaraguans will lead to a surge of Nicaraguans heading to the U.S., as well as many coming from other countries claiming to be Nicaraguans, knowing they won’t be deported under Title 42.

The Biden administration had already altered enforcement policies under Title 42, facilitating an unprecedented influx of illegal aliens into the country this year. Under the Trump administration, families and unaccompanied minors were turned away under Title 42.

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