Dr. Grace explains why hydroxychloroquine’s success is real


Doctor Grace, an oncologist at Lennox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, was on The Ingraham Angle again last night to explain the uses of hydroxychloroquine, why it works, and how it has saved the lives of his patients. He is treating over 100 patients with the coronavirus and none have died.

Dr. Grace said that the reason the elderly are in trouble with Cov-19 is that their immune systems are quite strong and it’s the strength of that which causes the damage to the lungs and death. The hydroxychloroquine reduces the effects of the immune system and reduces the replication of the virus.

CNN claims people have been holding out false hope with drugs like hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. Grace explained why the drugs are nothing to dismiss. From the test results, there is only 1 chance in 10,000 this could happen by chance alone.Dr. Grace said, “we accept one chance in twenty.” His point was that one in ten thousand is almost statistical certainty of effectiveness whereas one in twenty is deemed significant. This is “huge,” he said. He added that there many wonderful breakthroughs in cancer that the bureaucracy lets them fall by the wayside.


Dr. Fauci did say he did not mean to sound as if he was dismissing the drugs:

Correction: A reader corrected my statement on the last paragraph.

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