Dr. Grace explains why hydroxychloroquine’s success is real


Doctor Grace, an oncologist at Lennox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, was on The Ingraham Angle again last night to explain the uses of hydroxychloroquine, why it works, and how it has saved the lives of his patients. He is treating over 100 patients with the coronavirus and none have died.

Dr. Grace said that the reason the elderly are in trouble with Cov-19 is that their immune systems are quite strong and it’s the strength of that which causes the damage to the lungs and death. The hydroxychloroquine reduces the effects of the immune system and reduces the replication of the virus.

CNN claims people have been holding out false hope with drugs like hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. Grace explained why the drugs are nothing to dismiss. From the test results, there is only 1 chance in 10,000 this could happen by chance alone.Dr. Grace said, “we accept one chance in twenty.” His point was that one in ten thousand is almost statistical certainty of effectiveness whereas one in twenty is deemed significant. This is “huge,” he said. He added that there many wonderful breakthroughs in cancer that the bureaucracy lets them fall by the wayside.


Dr. Fauci did say he did not mean to sound as if he was dismissing the drugs:

Correction: A reader corrected my statement on the last paragraph.



  1. Is the hospital going to be ok regarding supplies? Comrade Wilhelm really hyped it up as he was instructed to do by his enemedia handlers.
    Somehow the magic bureaucracy will come through according to Herr Wilhelm.
    Even the dullards are starting to see how much the enemedia hates America and loves China.
    Hopefully the best case scenario plays out and things get back to somewhat normal.
    France is working on it as is Israel and America looking for a cure.

    • You can’t EVER “prove efficacy.” Science can falsify, it can’t prove a positive. EVER.

      We have a proper, clinical trial, with sufficient patients to meet scientific standards. It showed outstanding results.

      Sure, it was a small trial, but drugs (even brand new ones) have been approved with smaller trials.
      AND, this one showed amazing results.

      NO reason to “doubt.” No reason to hesitate when people are dying.

      LOTS of reasons to:
      * Immediately make the med available for treatment use.
      * Ensure data is gathered so we know, ongoing, the results.

      And that’s what they are doing.

    • Lot’s of people take hydroxychloroquine for malaria and RA. If it’s effective against Covid19, then anyone already taking it should be immune.

      • First it is efficacious together with azithromycin, in combination. and yes, people already taking it are lucky.. as they can get it easily. There have been several callers on a local radio station out here who called in with their experiences of taking the combo at home (as were prescribed or already on one of them) and it saved their lives. NIO!!, when something looks, and smells like a rat.. well..
        there is a big agenda here and it is not saving lives with 2 drugs with little profit ability.

      • From as early as January Dr Vladimer Zelenko was telling everyone about how successful HCQ, Zinc, and Azithromycen was at treating CV-19, and the MSM, youtube, facebook, and Twitter have all been deleting any and all information on the treatment. Fauci and Gates also knew from a 2005 study, that this treatment works, but chose to keep it quiet. I guess they can’t make billions off a $6.00 treatment that has no patent.

  2. Dr Fauci has been in government for 40 years. He only ever knows how to follow the bureaucratic red tape. However, now is no time for red tape.
    Thank God for President Trump. He knows how to cut through all that and get things done asap. Thank God for a business man in the White House.

    • Right about hydroxychloroquine in the midst of a raging epidemic. Hopefully it will put the brakes on it. There are quite a few other medicines that can be used as well that might help.
      The price of getting a new drug to market in the US runs almost a billion dollars, way too much.
      Maybe this epidemic, if we get through it, will make people realize that there comes a point where the FDA puts itself out of business and has lost its direction.

  3. Dr Fauxi wants to be the center of attention no matter how many people die – most of them are elders anyhow – big savings in future medicare costs and pensions.

    • That is absolutely correct! I could not agree with you more. There is stench to dig up with Fauci/BIRX and and the biased politics of the CDC. iT NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED WITH THE CHINA ISSUES.


  4. Dr. Fauci is a buearucrat and a Shillary maxi fan. Along with Rosenstiein’s sister being on the team, the optic is not good for a quick anything to get past this medical emergency.
    I fully expect POTUS Trump to override the naysaying of those two lefties on the medical team, if it looks like the drug to treat kung flu is having positive results elsewhere. Plus, states don’t have to wait for the FDA to approve Hydroxychloroquine. Its already out there and being used for other illnesses. With great success.
    Go for it.

  5. Dr Grace’s premise that elderly patients “quite strong” immune systems make them more susceptible to damage to the lungs and death contradicts what immunology knows about the aging immune system.

    On the contrary “…as people age, their innate and adaptive immune responses…”weaken

    “Monocytes from older individuals produce less interferon in response to viral infection. They have a harder time killing infected cells and signaling the adaptive immune response to get going.

    Low-grade chronic inflammation in individuals that commonly occurs during aging can also dull the ability of the innate and adaptive immune responses to react to pathogens. It’s similar to becoming used to an annoying sound over time.

    As you age, the reduced “attention span” of your innate and adaptive immune responses make it harder for the body to respond to viral infection, giving the virus the upper hand. Viruses can take advantage of your immune system’s slow start and quickly overwhelm you, resulting in serious disease and death.”

    Hydroxychloroquine does suppress the immune system t but in treating covid 19 this is not a desirable effect.

    It does not follow that it’s muting of the immune system is the mechanism of action in its therapeutic benefit against covid 19.

    A more sensible but still speculative explanation for the efficacy of the drug in limited studies is:

    “While the mode of action against COVID-19 is not established, Prof May said, he pointed out that many viruses enter host cells via endocytosis, as a result of which they are initially taken up into an intracellular compartment that is “typically fairly acidic”.
    “Chloroquine would alter the acidity of this compartment, which can interfere with the ability of viruses to escape into the host cell and start replicating.”
    He continued: “Another possibility is that chloroquine may alter the ability of the virus to bind to the outside of a host cell in the first place,” adding that the drug “has subtle effects on a wide variety of immune cells…and it may be that one of these effects helps stimulate the body’s ability to fight off COVID-19.”

    (N.B. “Endocytosis is a cellular process in which substances are brought into the cell. The material to be internalized is surrounded by an area of cell membrane, which then buds off inside the cell to form a vesicle containing the ingested material.”)

    A French study that combined Hydroxychloroquine with the antibiotic azithromycin suggested the combination therapy was superior to Hydroxychloroquine alone.

    It is suggested that the antibiotic offers protection against secondary bacterial infections that may be more likely due to Hydroxychloroquine’s negative impact on the elderly’s already weakened immune system.

  6. Given the success of HCQ and Azizthromycin I question the ethics of clinical trials in the treatment of patients who have COVID-19. When a treatment with this success rate is available, everyone with the disease should be offered it as a treatment. Clinical trials of those who have COVID-19 is unfair to the control group.

    On the other hand, clinical trials of those who do not have COVID-19 should of course be undertaken to determine whether, as suspected, these two drugs in combination would be an effective prophylaxis.

    • Can you point to the success of this combination anywhere other than a mass media news source? And by “point to”, I mean precisely show where it is effective?

      Because so far trials differ: statnews.com/2020/03/27/we-dont-know-hydroxychloroquine/

      The world is full of quacks with MDs. It’s also full of scientists with MDs. It’s also full of regular people with MDs. It’s necessary to validate all claims.

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