Duke sororities ban most events with men to focus on militarizing women


A council of Duke’s sororities says it will ban most events with male groups in order to refocus on women’s empowerment. If you violate the order, you will face probation, Campus Reform reports.

Men are out! Aggressive, leftist women are in! They plan to militarize the young women. Girl power!

Another fine tradition ruined by the left.

The Panhellenic Council at Duke University voted to ban chapters of member sororities from hosting “mixers” with all-male organizations, vowing to place chapters that violate the rule on social probation.

No more mixers. No blanket invitations! No co-hosting!

In the traditional past, women joined sororities to meet the coolest guys. Now, they want to meet other women.

Sororities were never political in the past when they were fun, but they are now. Is it meant to destroy sororities because it’s a remnant of traditional America?

Allegedly, this is one measure to reduce alleged sexual assaults.

“Panhellenic organizations originated in creating safe communities for female-identifying individuals to come together and support one another. However, we’ve come to see that many wide concerns within our community stem from relations with all-male organizations, such as lack of accountability for perpetrators of sexual assault, environments that fuel unsafe gender power dynamics, and a social hierarchy that objectifies women,” the post states.

Campus Reform recently covered efforts to ban Greek Life at Stanford University. A petition claims “it is still part of a system that is deeply misogynistic, racist, and classist.”

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Open the Light
Open the Light
3 years ago

Our external enemies laugh until it hurts and look forward to capturing She-Ra just to find out how tough she isn’t.
Will strippers be allowed on the Duke campus? The overzealous prosecutor is gone so it might not end well for the comradette.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
3 years ago
Reply to  Open the Light

Who really cares. I personally think that they should defund these Universities and their overpaid professors. This may help in cutting the expense of tuition and room and board.