Durham Filing: Fusion GPS-Reporters Efforts to Frame Millian and Page


A new Durham filing shows the Special Counsel has hundreds of emails between Fusion GPS and reporters. They include efforts to frame Sergei Millian and Carter Page, Techno Fog reports. Fusion made stuff up and collected rumors and gave them to reporters who happily repeated them. There is also confirmation of the Fusion GPS employee who will testify at Sussmann’s trial. (Read the filing below).

Who can forget what the government did to these two men – Sergei Millian and Carter Page? They ruined them.

An anonymous person named Techno Fog (a lawyer) has to expose the horrendous corruption permeating our government because the media is part of the corruption.

The filing shows Durham trapped the defendant, Michael Sussman with his own words for falsely claiming he didn’t represent any clients.

Sussman could save himself by telling all he knows but he probably doesn’t want to commit suicide with a bullet to the back of his head?

Durham also cast doubt on Marc Elias and Fusion GPS as merely giving legal advice. If that were true, Durham says he would have sought Hillary for America‘s advice and permission.

Durham revealed there were hundreds of emails – raw, uncorroborated – shared by Fusion GPS employees with reporters.

As Durham makes clear, no lawyers are copied in these e-mails and this doesn’t have anything to do with legal advice. And even if there were some type of privilege or work product, it was waived when Fusion GPS distributed the info to the press.

Here’s one example of the framing of Carter Page:

Fusion GPS telling a WSJ reporter to call Adam Schiff or Diane Feinstein about Carter Page.

As Techno Fog points out:

Durham also destroys the declarations of John Podesta and Robby Mook on behalf of Hillary for America, stating Mook has stated Perkins Coie was to handle and oversee “international” opposition research. Mook also received “general updates concerning” these findings though he says he was unaware who had been specifically retained.

As to Joffe’s privilege arguments? They fail because “Perkins Coie hired Fusion GPS to assist HFA and the DNC, not [Joffe].”

There’s more of a summary at Techno Fog or you can read it for yourself:

97 – Gov Resp to AC Priv Mo… by Techno Fog

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