Biden’s Concerned About Russian Disinformation on Social Media


White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki says Biden is very concerned about Russian disinformation on social media platforms. He had no such concerns when it came to himself or Hunter’s laptop.

Glenn Greenwald’s story about Biden’s questionable activities in China and Ukraine was censored two weeks before the 2020 election. The Biden CIA claimed falsely that it was Russian disinformation.

Biden’s concerns have grown since Elon Musk, the free speech advocate, bought Twitter, freeing it from Wall Street.

“The president has long been concerned about the power of large social media platforms, the power they have over our everyday lives,” Psaki said. What he is concerned about is the truth.

She continued, [The president] “has long argued that tech platforms must be held accountable for the harms they cause,” Psaki threatened during the latest presser.

The Russian disinformation tale has worked. They plan to keep using it.

At the same time, the EU Commission moves to enforce more aggressive policing of the Internet. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are also on message. Mr. Obama’s message was especially troubling. The pen and phone president said there is “a demand for crazy on the internet” and it’s up to Silicon Valley and federal regulators to end it.

This is deeply concerning because he is the one who kicked off the vast censorship against all political opponents on social media and legacy media.

The deception here is brazen and well-performed:

Biden and obliging reporters buried this. Is this Russian disinformation also?:

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1 year ago

Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers are having a total meltdown over Elon Musk buying Twitter and threatening to make it a free speech platform. 0bama and Traitor Joe are about to find out that there is a demand for crazy things on the Internet; you know, things like the truth. I love the idea that hundreds of Twitter Employees say they will quite. It’s probably a good career move since quitting is always better than getting fired. But then they are Liberals and if you get fired you can suck on the Unemployment Tit In California you can get like $1800 a month for 6 months which is like twice what you would get here in the Deep South. And in places like California getting fired makes you a victim which adds to street credibility. What will Democrats do when The People can freely talk about their Corruption? The funny thing is that Musk is not a hard core Conservative; he’s just a Free Speech Guy.

Further down the road, I see the Supreme Court revisiting Citizens United v. FEC. Public Corporations are not “People”. A corporation is a juristic entity created by Government. A Corporation has no inalienable rights, only the rights granted to it by Government. The result will be that Private Corporations, like Hobby Lobby, will have free Speech Rights while Public Corporations, like Disney, will need to keep their mouths shut. This will also carry over to entities like Unions and Political Action Committees and maybe even ‘K’ Street Lobbyist. “The People” are tired of their Politicians being bought off by Anonymous Big Money!