During a Supply-Chain Crisis, CA Cancels ‘Racist’ Freeway Expansion


The expansion of the 710 freeway is canceled due to racism. Highways can be racist in deep blue California. In order to change that, they will cancel the much-needed expansion during a full-blown supply chain crisis.

About 83%  of the people living along the 710 are Black and Latino. The area is comprised of mostly working class neighborhoods.

The expansion affects those people, therefore it must be racist. The Los Angeles Times also claims it has the worst air quality and that is racist too.

Obviously, the Times doesn’t know the definition of racism.

According to the Times, the freeways are “a potent symbol of a larger effort playing out across the state: to stop freeways that shape, divide and hurt neighborhoods, especially those where people of color live.”

“The Times found that more than 200,000 people nationwide have lost their homes because of federal road projects over three decades.”

“The largest recent highway expansions, including in California, have forced out residents in Black and Latino neighborhoods at a disproportionately high rate”.

Years ago, Irish and Italians were forced out in large numbers. They were living in those neighborhoods. It is patently false that it has anything to do with racism.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has drawn criticism for his claim that much of America’s infrastructure is “racist”. He claims highways isolate minority communities. Pothole Peter pointed to planners like New York’s Robert Moses.

Unfortunately, they need the expansion.

The cancelation of the 710 expansion comes in the midst of a supply chain crisis in which one of the limiting factors has been the difficulty of moving trucks in and out of port facilities with shipping containers at Los Angeles and Long Beach, Breitbart reports.

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