Biden Asks Far Left NZ Despot for Advice on Gun Control and Censorship


President Joe Biden warmly greeted far left despot New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to the White House on Tuesday. He wanted to know her views on gun control and online censorship in her country.

“We need your guidance,” Biden told Ardern to the Oval Office. “And it’s a pleasure to see you in person.”

The only advice he needs is from a constitutional attorney.

He praised her on issues like climate change, combatting “violent extremism online,” and gun control.

Biden said, “You understand that your leadership has taken a critical role on this global change, it really has.”

“I want to work with you on that effort and I want to talk with you about what those conversations are like if you’re willing,” Biden said.

Biden said he is distressed by the mass shootings .

“There’s an expression by an Irish poet that says too long a suffering makes a stone of the heart.” He falsely claimed he has traveled to more “mass shooting aftermaths” than any president in American history.

It’s a line poem by Yeats and it actually reads, Too long a sacrifice Can make a stone of the heart. 

He added, “Much of it is preventable, and the devastation is amazing.”

The shootings stem from mental illness and gangs, not guns.

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