Ed Henry’s texts to woman accusing him of rape look bad


On first blush, the text messages released by Jennifer Eckhart’s attorney appear to make him look very bad. Ms. Eckhart is the woman who accused Ed Henry of handcuffing her and raping her.

People are skeptical because the #MeToo movement was another leftist scam. It’s been used to attack Republicans. There are also the Gloria Allred fiascos to take down Republicans.

Here are some of the texts:

Ed Henry says he too has texts exonerating himself. There is also the fact that Ms. Eckhardt did NOT release her responses to these texts.

She has also said he “groomed” her [a 30-year-old woman] which suggests she was voluntarily having a physical relationship with him but maybe had some regrets after the fact or saw a way to get a settlement?

I’m not saying I don’t believe her, and these texts make Henry look bad. However, we need to see all the texts.

Ms. Eckhart said she lived in fear working at Fox. Don’t be surprised if she has a book come out before the election.

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