Elderly Man with a Poor Memory Investigates Israel for War Crimes


The corrupt Biden administration is investigating Israel for war crimes in Gaza. Kirby denied it last month, but sources told Huff Po they are investigating.

According to Reuters, the United States is reviewing reports that Israel has harmed civilians in its war in Gaza under a set of guidelines aimed at ensuring countries receiving U.S. arms conduct military operations in line with international humanitarian law, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said on Tuesday.

“We do seek to thoroughly assess reports of civilian harm by authorized recipients of U.S.-provided defense articles around the world,” Miller said at a press briefing, adding that a process under the State Department’s Civilian Harm Incident Response Guidance (CHIRG) was assessing incidents in the current conflict.

According to Akbar Ahmed at Huff Po, State Department officials are probing Israeli actions in Gaza, which they believe may have broken international law.
Joe Biden
The avenues they are allegedly investigating:

State is investigating whether Israel, a major recipient of American aid, has committed human rights abuses that violate U.S. law… Such violations could simultaneously have broken international law.

The State Department is also evaluating Israeli conduct through the Civilian Harm Incident Response Guidance process — a new policy introduced by President Joe Biden last fall… That process is intended to monitor whether foreign governments use weapons provided by the U.S. to hurt civilians, and it could unearth evidence of international law violations, the officials said.

According to Reuters, they’re reviewing at least 50 cases. Our administration is disgusting. Why don’t they review Gaza’s war crimes and stop playing this game? They’re getting ready to throw Israel under the bus because they don’t have as many votes as the Arabs and can’t give him Michigan in 2024.

Reuters previously reported that Washington had set up a channel to get answers from Israel about incidents in which civilians have been killed or injured or where civilian facilities have been targeted.

Last week, Biden put out a memo requiring countries receiving US assistance to assure the elderly man with memory problems in the Oval Office that they comply with international law.

The memo requires reports on whether US weapons are used in a way that complies with international law.

It’s unclear what the repercussions would be, but we hear the bus is ready.

Michigan Arbs, in particular, are pressuring the administration, threatening to stay home during the election.

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