Election oddities in Tarrant County turning blue are mind-blowing, Smartmatic ties?


Tarrant County, Texas turned blue this year, three days after election day, for the first time since the 1960s. Interesting information about Tarrant County has been lighting up social media and we thought we’d share it.

Heider Garcia was hired as the Tarrant County Elections Administrator in 2018. He previously worked for Smartmatic for 12 years and received his engineering degree in Venezuela in 2003.

In 2010, he testified during a fraud investigation into the Smartmatic software in the Philippines election. Do watch the video below.

Last year, Tarrant County got its new HartInterCivic Verity Voting System.

In October, they had to rescan barcodes on ballots. These were ballots for the 2020 election, more than 14,000 of them. Allegedly, it was a printing error.


Texas Scorecard found that Precinct 2220 showed an 817 percent turnout—with 2,059 having voted in a precinct with only 252 registered voters.

On November 10, Scorecard contacted Tarrant Elections Administrator Heider Garcia to ask about this anomaly.

“I had my staff look at it, and it’s basically a data movement error,” he said. “The vote count is not going to change. The registrations were inputted wrong into that website.”

Tarrant now reports a voter turnout of over 78 percent, with 2,063 having voted out of 2,631 registered voters.

When asked, Garcia said Precinct 2220 wasn’t the only one with this anomaly.

“I know that yesterday when we looked at it, there were a few. But, again, it was more of a set-up of the site,” he said. “Some of these website products, they’re generic to be able to be used. Those vendors sell them all over the country. You have to go in and set up all these rules of how you’re grouping things.”

“We could have done a better job proofing it.”

Garcia also told Scorecard that they were inundated with registrations. He said they “were getting boxes and boxes of registrations” and that it was a “nightmare.”

Texas Scorecard also asked Garcia if his office knew how many registrations were received from the Secretary of State after the due date. Garcia checked with his staff but found they did not have a separate count for those registrations.


In a 2010 Electoral fraud case involving Smartmatic voting systems in the Philippines, Heider Garcia of Smartmatic was questioned on what he called “unforeseen” occurrences during the election process.

Watch this:

Here he is certifying the election:

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