Elizabeth Warren & CNN Are Accused of Setting Up Bernie


CNN tried to make Elizabeth Warren look good, and Bernie look bad during the debates Tuesday night. The media is on Warren’s side for whatever reasons. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are probably involved. The MSM jumps to their orders and that of the Democrat Party.

The media are propagandists and activists.

Warren is a liar and the more likely culprit in this, but we don’t know. It could be either since we don’t have proof. It’s got people moving towards Bernie over Chief Warren.

During the debates, CNN asked Warren about Bernie telling the fake Indian that a woman couldn’t win the election. The moderator assumed Bernie’s guilt in the phrasing of the question.

Listen to this (She was ready for it):


After the debate, the media was ready to catch the fake Indian’s every word as she accosted Bernie, assuming an offended demeanor with her usual whiney voice.


Bernie raked in $1.7 million and 4 million in two days after the debate, probably because Warren and the media are attacking him.

It is galvanizing Bernie’s supporters by all media accounts. The supporters and others see the entire episode as a dirty trick after he took the lead in Iowa.

“The fire of that 2016 campaign forged an incredibly strong base of support for Sanders like steel,” said Neil Sroka, an activist with the progressive group Democracy for America, which is trying to broker a peace between the liberal favorites, worried that divided progressives will make it easier for establishment candidate Joe Biden to win, Politico reported.

“In that campaign in 2016, you had a lot of duplicity from Democratic insiders, and we saw for better or worse in leaked emails from the party — concrete evidence — that insiders were against him,” Sroka said. “And that fuels them today.”

His supporters took over Twitter after the debate with hashtags, ‘LyingLiz’, ‘NeverWarren’, ‘WarrenisaSnake’.

All of those things are true.

Welcome to the Republican world, all you Bernie supporters. It looks like one of the typical Democrat Party smear jobs, and it’s riling up Bernie’s people to work harder.


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