McConnell Needs to Stop Accepting New ‘Evidence’


Andrew McCarthy said the Senate should delay the impeachment trial until the House is finished reviewing “evidence” as opposed to constantly accepting new information

On Outnumbered Overtime yesterday, McCarthy said the House wants McConnell to allow the grand jury to continue during the impeachment trial. He said a federal judge would never allow something like this to happen while the trial is ongoing and that McConnell shouldn’t allow it either.

Ari Fleischer also appeared on Fox News yesterday and discussed the new “evidence,” saying essentially what McCarthy implied, that this new info doesn’t really tell us anything we didn’t really already know.

The former George Bush press secretary saw nothing new in the Parnas information, nor did we. There is nothing new in today’s GAO claim either.


Democrats, if not reined in, will keep sending ‘evidence’ despite the fact that it is nothing new. It’s a way to keep the attack going, every day, day after day.

Know your enemy!

The Democrat Party of impeachment has a long history of anti-Americanism, anti-freedom, and anti-independence. They don’t like our culture, our religion, anything about traditional America.

Their tactics include smearing, lying, mischaracterizing, and manipulating their enemies. Look at who they sympathize with — Iran’s Mullahs, Red China’s rulers, Venezuela’s Maduro, Castro in Cuba.

Their Policies Will Destroy the USA

Their policies are aimed at totally altering our culture and turning us into a third world. They use fake racism as an excuse to meet their goals. Flooding the country with needy and uneducated foreigners from socialist and communist countries is one of the tactics they use to take over the electoral majority. They couldn’t care less if they’re criminals. They’re a reliable voting bloc.

These people are out of hiding and still, people can’t see.

Democratic lawmakers loudly call for abolishing ICE and have even launched a bill to accomplish that. They abuse the police and talked about nationalizing the police. Crimes are being decriminalized and bail is being eliminated.

Their policies hit our economic independence from energy to welfare. They are brainwashing our children.

Look at how little they value our Bill of Rights.

They are after our freedoms and our stuff. They won’t stop until they win.

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