Enormous Omnibus Spending Bill to Include DACA Says Chuck


In October, Paul Ryan said DACA will be in the spending bill. It is unclear what the trade off will be, perhaps nothing. On November 2nd, Republicans said DACA will not be in the spending bill. On Tuesday Schuck Schumer said it will be in the spending bill. In return, we will definitely get a huge spending bill.

Minority Senate leader Chuck Schumer declared on Tuesday that the so-called dreamers will be given permanent legal status and a path to citizenship as part of the omnibus spending bill set for a vote next month. Schumer told reporters at the Capitol, “We feel very strongly that DACA must pass and must pass by Dec. 31. We think we’re going to have a good number of our Republican colleagues join us.”

Since Obama took office eight years ago, Democrats have lost over 800 seats in state legislatures. For the first time in history, they do not control a single legislative chamber in the South.

They have lost the Senate and the House. They’ve lost 12 governorships.

Overall, the party is now at its weakest point at the state level since 1920. Then why are they winning?

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