DOE controls power generation in TX and canceled TX during the crisis


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The DOE limits the amount of fossil fuels Texas is allowed to use. In emergencies, they can go to full capacity, but then the power companies can raise rates. The rates went up 10,000 times.

The federal government controls how Texas generates electricity if they exceed pollution limits. It wasn’t just about windmills. The DOE would not allow the power facilities to operate at full capacity until the emergency passed or the rates went up to pay for the pollution.

Texas isn’t part of the National Power Grid but they are not independent as one might have thought.


ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, did not weatherize the plants as they were supposed to and that was a big part of the problem. If they had the three coal plants recently closed down online, they would have had enough power.

Some Texans are getting $7,000 power bills. The Federal guidelines don’t allow for subsidies. That has to be addressed immediately.

We are waiting for a call back from ERCOT, but the latest information indicates that ERCOT first asked for the $1500 Mwh. The power companies were allowed to up the charges as demand increased. It doesn’t change the fact that these Green laws don’t have an escape clause when emergencies occur.

Business Insider reported:

Spiking bills won’t hit state residents who had fixed-rate electric plans. The problem for many comes from index or variable-rate plans, in which rates to power their home or business change with the price of the wholesale market. In good times, a customer’s bill can be lower than it might be otherwise — but if the cost to produce electricity skyrockets, so too do bills.

Last Monday, as freezing weather rolled through Texas and much of the US, the wholesale price of electricity shot up 10,000%. It went from about $50 per megawatt hour to $9,000 — a system cap, according to data provided by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the operator of Texas’ electric grid.

Some critics say ERCOT was asleep at the wheel. Watch the video below.

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  1. No electric for you deplorable kulak untermenschen!
    What a nice state you have there and it would be a shame if anything happened to it before we can fundamentally transform it with future lifetime democrat voters waiting at the border.
    No more talk of secession now, capiche.
    What, you got a $17,000 electric bill, well pay up or we take you out back and rough you up.

  2. I doubt if this account of the Texas weather catastrophe is correct. Abbott could simply have ordered the plants to operate at full capacity regardless of the EPA’s BS regulations. The correct answer is that once the wind mill generators failed the idiots running EPCET, a state chartered group ordered power diverted to the major cities and cut off power to Midland and the Permian Basin where most of the natural gas is produced.The result is there was no power to run the gas compressors and a huge gas shortage developed that crippled power generation throughout the state. Time for Texas to throw the entire EPA out of the state, round up their and put them onbuses to DC, NY and CA. Once tha ti sdone close downall federal offices and dare Biden todo anything about it. Libtarts all all cowards and will hide in their closets.

    • Unfortunately, Republicans are all gutless cowards too. Nobody will do a thing about this. They will all just whine and complain until its out of the headlines. Texas will NEVER secede, never be free, and never again be a Republican stronghold.

      Republicans are mostly gutless wimps. Texans are mostly gutless wimps with big mouths who talk tough but fold under the slightest pressure. I wish I were wrong.

  3. The biggest problem in America today is a lack of State’s Rights. The Federal Government controls far too much through Departments like the EPA and DOE. Gov. Abbot should have told the Federal Government to pack sand, but Republicans tend to be Law & Order people; unlike Democrats! The Power Grid in Texas is not part of the National Power Grid and the Federal Government should have no say so in it including controlling emissions. The Federal Government should not be providing “Green Energy” subsidies to people in Texas. The only reason that Texas has Solar and Wind is Federal Government meddling. Actually, the Federal Government shouldn’t be allowed to provide any subsidies to anyone. The People should tell the Government what to do, the Government shouldn’t be “bribing” people to do what the Government wants.

    But let’s look at what really happened. I wasn’t rural people freezing to death in Texas, it was mostly people in cities dependent on Government; Democrat run Cities like Houston. I live on acreage. I have generators. I have a wood pile. I know better than depending on Government. I’ve worked for the Federal Government for over 20 years. Government is a pain in the ass and we have allowed ourselves to become too dependent on Government and because of that have given Government way too much power. Consider that what happened in Texas is only the tip of the iceberg of what happens with Big Government. You think what happened is Texas (and California with the Wild Fires) was bad; let the Communist Democrats take over and this will be America wide, even in rural America. If the Communist Democrats take over people like me won’t be allowed to own land. We won’t be allowed to have generators or burn wood in a fireplace to keep from freezing. EVERYTHING will be rationed according to your “Social Score” and the Social Score of the 75,000,000 will be ZERO! And where does Traitor Joe get off with not immediately declaring a Disaster in all 254 counties in Texas? Did Traitor Joe just declare an emergency in Democrat Counties? NO GOVERNOR should ever have to ask for permission to act in an emergency and that should also include protecting our borders from Illegal Aliens!

    In the next 2 years, Democrats are going to do a lot of damage to America and the worse part is that it is by design. State Governors can stop a lot of this. The question is will they? One thing President Trump was good about, declaring emergencies so FEMA could assist The People. Democrats only care about Democrats.

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