EPA to Propose Obliterating Entire Clean Power Plan


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to recommend repeal of the agency’s Obama-era climate change program, the Clean Power Plan (CPP), “in its entirety,” according to Reuters.

The 43-page document, titled, “Repeal of Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stations Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units” details how the EPA plans to repeal CPP through a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM). This version of the document obtained by Breitbart News remains subject to change through inter-agency review.

Gina McCarthy, Obama’s head of the EPA, greatly overstepped her bounds by legislating from the agency and pushing this monster ‘rule’ through last November.

McCarthy admitted in May, 2016 the agency’s sweeping climate regulations of fossil fuel fired plants have no impact on the climate.

She said that the Clean Power Plan “is not about end of pipe controls.” The rule, she says, is about “driving investment in renewables…, [and] advancing our ongoing clean energy revolution”. McCarthy says, “That’s what… reinventing a global economy looks like.”

The EPA’s so-called Clean Power Plan is President Obama’s marquee climate change initiative, finalized by the administration on August 3, 2015. It expanded the agency’s authority to central planning of the entire electric system.

Historically, states have been responsible for the generation and retail provision of electricity, focusing on three goals: affordability, reliability and use of local fuel sources.

The Clean Power Plan would dump these sensible state-determined goals and replace them with a federal mandate of reducing carbon production, specifically greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants. The end result would have been negligible gain in exchange for an enormous federal government takeover.

Sadly, they are considering replacing it. That can’t be good.

Myron Ebell, the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s (CEI) director of Energy and Environment programs and Trump administration EPA transition chair, argued that the Clean Power Plan remains illegal and would do devastating harm to the average American.

Ebell said, “In particular, we applaud his action to begin withdrawing the EPA’s greenhouse gas rules, including the so-called ‘Clean Power’ Plan. These rules, which are clearly illegal, would raise electric rates for consumers significantly and do immense economic damage to the heartland states where U.S. manufacturing is now concentrated.”

“If it had gone into effect, the ‘Clean Power’ Plan rule to limit greenhouse gas emissions from coal and natural gas power plants would have been one of the most expensive regulations ever imposed, causing electric rates for consumers to go up and threatening the reliability of the electric grid.”

“Scrapping the ‘Clean Power’ Plan is a key part of President Trump’s de-regulatory agenda, which is designed to get the economy moving again.  This rule and other greenhouse gas emissions rules are depressing investment and job growth in resource and manufacturing industries,” Ebell has said.


It was rushed through.

In November, The Washington Examiner detailed a memo put out by EPA head Gina McCarthy telling staff, “we’re running — not walking — through the finish line of President Obama’s presidency.”

Hard-left filmmaker Michael Moore said in March that if this happens, we are all going to die.

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