Eric Bolling Responds to His Suspension for Sexual Harassment


Eric Bolling with his wife.

Eric Bolling of The Fox News Specialists and Cashin’ In has responded to his recent suspension for allegedly harassing three female colleagues by sexting them a photo of male genitalia several years ago.

HuffPo came out with the story of his alleged sexual harassment. That was followed by more accusations from leftist and former Fox News commentator Caroline Heldmann.

Heldmann made the same accusations against Bill O’Reilly and Woody Fraser, a Fox consultant and friend of Roger Ailes. Maybe someone should investigate her.

In a lawsuit against Fraser, she wrote, “Mr. Fraser insinuated on several occasions that a contributorship at Fox was contingent upon me having a sexual relationship with him. Even though I was a popular guest with numerous appearances and high ratings (according to Mr. Fraser), I was not offered a contributorship because I rebuffed Mr. Fraser’s sexual advances.”

After Heldmann made her accusations in a Facebook post, Bolling was suspended pending an investigation.

Bolling is not taking the offensive as Sean Hannity did recently. The statement he released through his lawyer said: he recalled “no such inappropriate communications, does not believe he sent any such communications, and will vigorously pursue his legal remedies for any false and defamatory accusations that are made.”

Over the weekend, his name and face were removed from the show’s social media pages according to CNN’s Oliver Darcy. That’s not a good sign.

He does have a lot of support. On Twitter, supporters are using the hashtag, #IStandWithEricBolling.

All the accusations against the many Fox News personalities fired recently have come from the leftists. None have been proven but there have been settlements. Settling these cases is a lot cheaper and less damaging to a reputation.

We only see conservatives who support President Trump being taken out. It is suspicious, especially since Bolling is yet another big Trump supporter. All the people taken out are big Trump supporters.

It could be a coincidence.

At the same time, the Media Matters-David Brock-George Soros Democrat Coalition are out to get Sean Hannity fired. Hannity is a big Trump supporter.

Perhaps, we should mention at this juncture that nearly 200 minorities have a class action lawsuit against CNN for discrimination. That can’t seem to make the news.


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