Erickson on the State of the GOP Primary Race


Eric Erickson emailed his followers today to say that Nikki Haley’s rise in the polls is real. He called Trump and DeSantis fans thin-skinned, claiming they say that Haley’s rise in the polls is not real and it’s rigged.

Nikki Haley has gone up in the polls in New Hampshire and Iowa. Erickson says DeSantis has lost the wind in his sails, and Haley’s gaining on him, so he’s trying to sink her.

[She’s going nowhere in the end, hopefully. Erickson thinks she has a path to win.]

The radio host also said DeSantis’s campaign can’t figure out how to get back on track.

Erickson says that every time a candidate starts to go down, they blame the media nad say the polls aren’t real, but it’s not the case – Haley is surging [if you can call going from 7% to 12% surging].

Erickson said that Haley’s surge helps Trump more than her. He believes that some DeSantis supporters will go back to Trump rather than her. And if DeSantis drops out, a significant group of his supporters will go to Trump.

Haley’s supporters come from the non-Trump wing of the party. DeSantis is more blended with Trump and non-Trump supporters. Erickson thinks that Haley can potentially build a coalition to stop Trump.

I seriously don’t see that personally. He compared it to her first run for governor of South Carolina, where she won despite the GOP, but I don’t think this is anywhere near the same thing. We know her better now, and her various acts of deception do not sit well with Trump supporters.

Erickson points to the polls that show Haley does best with independent voters, the ones that we must win.

Trump’s financial problems due to the charges against him are also significant and limit his spending, but he has 100% name recognition and is beloved by half the party.

Erickson said that if Haley gets out of the race, her supporters will be scattered, not helping DeSantis at all. If Desantis gets out, his supporters will probably go mostly to Trump.

From what Erickson can see, all scenarios help Trump. The only ones that don’t are if he’s taken out of the running through divine or judicial intervention.

Then Erickson said quote, “As much as I like Chris Christie and Tim Scott, I do not see a viable path for either man. Doug Burgum and Asia Hutchinson never had one.”

He likes Christie???

Erickson wants everyone but DeSantis and Haley to leave the race because they’re helping Trump.

Despite Erickson’s obvious RINO tendencies, I agree with most of what he said. The only one who wins this primary so far is Donald Trump unless through divine or judicial intervention.

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