Even MSM Is Shocked by Horrific Illegal Immigration Crisis


The disaster on our border is so bad that even CNN can’t believe it. MSNBC can’t believe it, either. The networks went to El Paso. This is the future of our entire country. We’re becoming a foreign country without the freedom even to decide who can come into our country. We are losing our sovereignty.

The mainstream media won’t state the obvious that the regime’s policies brought this misery and destruction upon us. They also won’t mention Karine Jean Pierre is a bald-faced liar when she claims that they’ve reduced illegal immigration by 90%. The regime has only increased it, and that lie is so ridiculous that one has to believe she’s mocking us.

Biden has made the United States a sanctuary nation.

The reporters in the first two clips mention that the illegal aliens are mostly young men. Imagine trying to remove these people coming illegally. They would be marching n the streets with Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

I am Catholic, but I disapprove of the Catholic church helping this invasion, destroying our country.

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