Even Vanity Fair Sees Republicans Taking the Lead


Even Vanity Fair acknowledges Democrats are in danger of losing both chambers in the November election, only 21 days from now.

A New York Times/Siena poll out Monday indicates Republicans have the edge over Democrats in the campaign’s final weeks. It’s the economy, stupid.

Vanity Fair acknowledged the poll signals danger for Democrats. The poll shows a huge swing over the past month among women who identify as independents. “The same poll in September found them favoring Democrats by 14 points; in Monday’s poll, though, they preferred Republicans by 18 points, even though the GOP remains out of step with most Americans on abortion rights,” Vanity Fair writes.

The abortion rights issue is a fraud. All the Court did was return the decision over to the people in the states.

Vanity Fair went to their hysteria corner, claiming that if Republicans win, democracy will fall as people who questioned the 2020 election have more power. That’s all they’ve got.

The Left doesn’t want any examination of their Zuckerbucks, Sorosbucks, ballot harvesting, mail-in balloting, laws changed at the last minute, and refusals to require voter IDs. We can’t answer for the voting machines, but they are hackable, and one company (Konnech) sent voter information to China for storage.

Republicans are more concerned with inflation, the economy, crime, and illegal immigration than the 2020 election.


Vanity Fair claims Republicans have little to offer in the way of solutions, but they do.  They will stop the wild spending, take some pressure off fossil fuels, reverse the Inflation Act, and stop the Biden wrecking ball.

Republicans plan to ice the inflation-causing Inflation Reduction Act that spends hundreds of billions of dollars on Democrat donors’ climate change extremism. They should call it AOC bucks or Podesta bucks since Hillary’s former manager is in charge of the money.

During last night’s debate in Ohio between radical Rep. Ryan and Republican J.D. Vance, Ryan repeated the Biden administration’s narrative on the misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act.” He did that despite debate moderator Lindsay noting that the bill “spends more federal money.” Ryan is pretending he’s moderate and an “independent voice” for the sake of the election with his unpopular president bringing down the party.

Vance said that the bill adds to the deficit. Even the most biased fact-checkers have backed that up throughout the debate.

Vance said Democrats “have borrowed and spent billions of dollars that we just don’t have” while going “to war against America’s energy sector.” He also noted, “Tim Ryan has supported all of these policies.

Ryan said there are some good things in the bill.

Vance said:

Well, of course, some of the money is well spent, but when we’re talking about six trillion dollars, there’s a lot of money that isn’t well spent, and that’s fundamentally the problem with what we’ve seen out of the Biden administration

It’s simultaneously…[Democrats] borrowed and spent trillions of dollars that we just don’t have, and that’s thrown fuel on the fire of the inflation problem. And at the same time, they’ve completely gone to war against America’s energy sector, and you can’t do both of those things at the same time. They’re each bad ideas. But when you do both of them at the same time, you’re going to get record inflation. Which is exactly what you expect to get.

Now, of course, Tim Ryan has supported all of these 100 percent of the time. and this really is the contrast on these economic issues between Tim Ryan and myself. I believe we’ve gone in a fundamentally bad direction over the last couple of years. I think people deserve to go to the grocery store without completely breaking the bank. Tim Ryan has voted with these 100 percent of the time. Every single time he gets an opportunity to stand up for Ohioans, he chooses to bend the knee to his own party.

I leave you with this.

Reporter: “What about 18 months ago, when the president took office? Inflation and gas prices started rising?”

KJP: “18 months ago, the president signed the American Rescue Plan, and that helped the American people.”

You can’t make this stuff up. Vanity Fair needs to take another look at who’s destroying democracy. Watch:

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1 year ago

The GOP is not out of step with Abortion Rights. Woman finally realized that the States now make Abortion Law. In Liberal Blue States they still have unlimited Abortion on Demand, in Purple States there are some Limitations, and in Conservative Red States Abortion is very Limited. Now woman see Abortion as more in tune with their Morals and most Woman see Abortion as a last Choice; a Terrible Last Choice. The Supreme Court took away the Democrats all or nothing Abortion issue that was very divisive.

Democrats thought College loan forgiveness was a winning issue, but it outraged the 2/3s of voters who didn’t go to College, the people who worked their way through College, and the people who have already paid off their debt. All this did was keep the 15% of people who were already Hard Core Democrats on the Reservation. What those with worthless Degrees and College Debt should be doing is suing their College for a Defective Degree.

The Sane People in America have realized that the attack on Fossil Fuel will destroy the economy and make it even harder for People to AFFORD to go greener in the future. I saw this years ago and began working a plan to take as many Government Tax Rebates as possible. The fact is at with a Strong Economy, when people have the money they will go green on their own without subsidies. The Subsidies were just a scam so the Rich could go green at a Discount and make Middle Class Taxpayers pay the difference for the Rich. This is why the Rich not only don’t pay taxes, they use Government subsidies to help them live the good life and you pay for those subsidies. We need a Flat Tax without any write offs and EVERYONE pays.

With People seeing the impact of Inflation, they are realizing this hidden tax turns Cash into Trash. If The Government addopted a Zero Inflation Policy, people could save and be far less dependent on Government. But now they know all the Democrats really want is everyone dependent on them for everything.