Dangerously Emptying US Supplies While Sending Weapons to Ukraine


We are dangerously depleting our supply of weapons. The U.S. has sent billions in military aid to Ukraine, depleting its stocks of weapons and munitions that some fear could weaken the American military should conflict erupt in other parts of the globe.

While it’s not too late for the U.S. to adapt to increased demand for weapons, doing so will require increased investment in production to maintain U.S. military preparedness, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“If we get this right, we would not only accelerate the end of the war in Ukraine but meaningfully change Beijing’s willingness to engage in aggression in the future,” Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe told the DCNF.

The situation is very serious. The US Naval Institute said they suffer from arsenal atrophy.

Anyone could have predicted this. We borrow and print money to pay bills. We have officials who couldn’t exit Afghanistan with an ounce of sanity or common sense. Our military is focused on nonsensical gender ideology and destroying fossil fuels. Our borders are wide open, and you can be sure our enemies are pouring into the country as we speak.

This is insane. We have to do something about the president. He has dementia, and the world knows it. Even Democrats have to start realizing he has to be replaced right away. Kamala can’t function either, and all the people in the cabinet are incompetent, but you can’t have a president with dementia. China will strike Taiwan if someone with some mental abilities doesn’t take hold of the situation.

We had better vote Republican to stop the madness.

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