Everyone Rolls Over for Juneteenth


Juneteenth is NOT National Independence Day although that is how it is billed. The left is trying to replace July 4 with this holiday that has been usurped by the Marxists.

The holiday is only meant to divide blacks and whites in this country.

As VDARE says, everyone is just rolling over.

This is the 2022 holiday schedule for the public employees:

Everyone is caving to this holiday for fear of the racist label. However, this is more about anti-white hate and shame. Jack Dalton calls it a “blood libel against white America.” Only 14 House Republicans voted against it.

The GOP who opposed it: Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks, Andrew Clyde, Scott DesJarlais, Paul Gosar, Ronny Jackson, Doug LaMalfa, Thomas Massie, Tom McClintock, Ralph Norman, Mike Rogers, Matt Rosendale, Chip Roy, and Tom Tiffany.

American Indians, Irish, Italian, and Jews, have all been targets of racism. We need an Independence Day for them if we are going the route of Marxist Independence Days.

It Is a Minor Event, Not a National Independence Day

Pedro Gonzalez wrote: As a minor regional thing “Juneteenth” had meaning for a particular group of people in a particular place in reference to a particular time. But nationalizing it stripped it of all that meaning and turned it into just another cudgel to hit Americans over the head with.


Donald Trump made a mistake making this holiday part of his Platinum Plan and it got him zero votes. Then, of course, Biden made it a national holiday. Their flag is the Pan African Marxist flag. It’s divisive.

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