Anti-American, Racist CRT Taught to West Point Cadets


The US Army has introduced Critical Race Theory to West Point cadets. The cadets are given WOKE lessons encouraging them to apply Critical Race Theory to answers about “whiteness”.

Judicial Watch sued for the 600 documents handed over by the Department of Defense exposing the internal attack on our American system.

“Our military is under attack – from within,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a press release.

“These documents show racist, anti-American CRT propaganda is being used to try to radicalize our rising generation of Army leadership at West Point.”


It makes white into oppressors. Blacks are just victims.

One slide on “Whiteness” states: “In order to understand racial inequality and slavery, it is first necessary to address whiteness.” It tells them to consider the “Take-for-grantedness of whiteness.”

It claims whiteness “is a location of structural advantage, of race privilege.” It is “a standpoint or place from which white people look at themselves and the rest of society.” The slide “refers to a set of cultural practices that are usually unmarked and unnamed.”

It’s stereotyping and racist garbage.

One slide has a graphic that introduces “Modern Slavery in the USA.” It expounds on blacks not getting a college education and medical screenings. It also says they don’t get mortgages or promotions at work.

That’s apparently the fault of white people.

The training documents also state blacks are more likely than whites to live in poverty. It says they will more often be homicide victims or be incarcerated.

Never does it place any responsibility on anyone but whites. Meanwhile, black-on-black crime in major cities is the biggest problem facing black communities. Yet, we’re not allowed to discuss it, much less solve it.

The lessons teach the students that systemic racism is built into the pillars of society.


When a West Point cadet named Spencer Rapone advertised the fact that he’s a communist, we also found out that other cadets and at least one teacher were also communists.

It makes one wonder what really goes on at West Point.

Spenser Rapone

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Frank McCarthy
Frank McCarthy
7 days ago

My great grandfather was a General with a command “Legion” of valor in Peru, and he paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country. My father was a distinguished Captain in the Army, my uncle a Major, in AAF other uncle a Commander US Navy, Uncle US Army corporal my cousin a US Army Major, My brother and I were inducted into the US Army Infantry Corp..
As my father would say, “soldier you are a simply a serial number and of a rank to the army not a pronoun! So man-up and don’t forget reveille is at 5 am ‘son’.”

7 days ago

As a Combat Veteran, THIS is one of the reasons I’ve pulled my support for the “Officers” and “Genteal persons” in our academies and young officers in our armed services today. I also strongly recommend any current enlisted personnel get out of the service as soon as their current enlistments are over. I am still willing to die for my nation but have totally lost all confidence in the leadership of our armed forces today.

Fed Up in NY
Fed Up in NY
7 days ago
Reply to  Freeland_Dave

Can you imagine what our enemies say?

8 days ago

Our Military is becoming the most WOKE and incompetent in the World. I could have never imagined how to snatch Defeat from Victory in Afghanistan, but somehow Traitor Joe and his Traitorous Generals found a way!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
8 days ago

I saw in the corporate world how easily some people are brainwashed into believing leftist ideology when they are lured by promotions, raises and bonuses. Active discrimination against whites (often by whites) results.

Graduating from a military academy is no longer an honor.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
8 days ago

And people wonder at the deterioration of the military. My nephew despite his high ranking and coming promotion just took retirement to get away from the mess. Good men are being driven out. The top is now so corrupt under Biden, have little hope. There is a history in my family of service since the Civil war when the family’s immigration from Europe took place.
As far as I know there are only 2 serving. Doctors, submariners, grunts, high ranking officers! I wonder if there will be more. My grandson just made a decision not to join, though I tried to encourage it.
Now living in Australia I wonder how much longer I can take the hurt ad keep on voting and caring.
At least people like Candace Owens, Tucker Carlson, Project Veritas and other keep trying.

To M. Dowling: Good on ya!