Evidence Soon: Directly Tying Joe Biden to Hunter’s Foreign Business Deals


Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared on the Benny show today, and said there’s evidence coming out soon that directly ties Joe Biden financially to his son Hunter”s foreign business deals.

“On Joe Biden’s first day in office I introduced articles of impeachment on the very issue of abuse of power and business deals and corruption involving Burisma in Ukraine,” Greene told Benny,” and I did that because I knew exactly what you knew, Benny – what most people knew that were paying attention to the Hunter Biden laptop story…

“Let me tell you something. There is some damning information, even more information that will be coming out soon that will literally start linking money ties directly to Joe Biden and I’m very excited about that.  And I’ve been calling for impeachment of Joe Biden, like I said from his first day in office, but I’ve decided something, Benny, I’m really looking forward to an impeachment inquiry…

“We need an impeachment inquiry that is a long drawn out extremely painful process for Joe Biden, but not just for Joe Biden, all of the people that worked in his vice president administration … that have covered up this information and the Treasury all of the people involved in this, which I would call one big very scandalous issue of collusion and racketeering. I believe we could bring Rico charges against all of these people because they have conspired to cover up crimes committed by Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. And many other people to enrich themselves, abusing the most powerful seats of power in the United States of America .

Benny asked what she could tell people now.

“Well, I wouldn’t say exactly what the new evidence is, but I know it’s coming, and I know what it is. And I’m excited for it to come out. I like to present evidence when I have it in hand, not just rumors of evidence, and I think that’s the right way to do it to earn people’s trust and also to show that I’m committed to telling the truth, not just throwing out inflammatory salacious sounding things to create headlines or get social media clicks.

“… the truth is so damning, and we’ve already presented so much. Look at what we’ve uncovered. We’ve uncovered SARS reports in the Treasury, thousands of pages. Then we subpoenaed that information and we got all kinds of bank accounts. …we showed the wire transfers coming in from countries, foreign nationals, foreign governments, foreign businesses, from all over the world, going into these fake LLC’s managed by the Biden family. Then we showed proof of payments out of these LLC’s to all these Biden family members, but now we’re digging in the details.”

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