“Evil” Montgomery County tells private schools to close or go to jail


IFC (Internet Freedom Coalition) Chairman Phil Kerpen calls out the “evil” decision of Montgomery County, a far-left enclave, to force all private schools closed. He said they are sacrificing the well-being of the children on the altar of politics “based on the politics of envy [socialism]. They are ordered closed until at least October 1st.

If anyone disobeys, they will send them to prison for a year and fine them thousands of dollars.

The CDC’s head Dr. Robert Redfield said children are dying in far greater numbers from school closures than from COVID. The CDC is urging schools to reopen.

And they lied!


Kerpen says, “We all know what’s going on here. Teachers’ unions are shaking down public school systems, de facto striking. The hard left knows that’s terrible for kids, and their sense of fairness requires them to dole out equal misery to nonpublic school kids.”

“And if they can permanently kill off some of those nonpublic schools, even better. Bonus for them.”

Kerpen tweeted to Governor Hogan, asking him why he is allowing this.

“Childcare is fine. But no school. It’s the teaching and the learning that allegedly spreads disease. It’s so transparently wrong,” he said.

He wants to see a lawsuit. “If we don’t prohibit these orders the school choice stuff is all irrelevant.”

Kerpen believes, “The Dems trying to disrupt society by sentencing children to home confinement won’t tolerate a less than equal distribution of suffering.”

He said any state that doesn’t follow CDC guidelines — to open school — should be defunded.

Then he pointed to a blatant lie by their country health officer, Dr. Travis Gayles, “Could Gayles lie any more shamelessly?

In conclusion, he writes, “CDC: School closures kill more children than COVID. Dems: Close all the schools!


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