“Evil” Montgomery County tells private schools to close or go to jail


IFC (Internet Freedom Coalition) Chairman Phil Kerpen calls out the “evil” decision of Montgomery County, a far-left enclave, to force all private schools closed. He said they are sacrificing the well-being of the children on the altar of politics “based on the politics of envy [socialism]. They are ordered closed until at least October 1st.

If anyone disobeys, they will send them to prison for a year and fine them thousands of dollars.

The CDC’s head Dr. Robert Redfield said children are dying in far greater numbers from school closures than from COVID. The CDC is urging schools to reopen.

And they lied!


Kerpen says, “We all know what’s going on here. Teachers’ unions are shaking down public school systems, de facto striking. The hard left knows that’s terrible for kids, and their sense of fairness requires them to dole out equal misery to nonpublic school kids.”

“And if they can permanently kill off some of those nonpublic schools, even better. Bonus for them.”

Kerpen tweeted to Governor Hogan, asking him why he is allowing this.

“Childcare is fine. But no school. It’s the teaching and the learning that allegedly spreads disease. It’s so transparently wrong,” he said.

He wants to see a lawsuit. “If we don’t prohibit these orders the school choice stuff is all irrelevant.”

Kerpen believes, “The Dems trying to disrupt society by sentencing children to home confinement won’t tolerate a less than equal distribution of suffering.”

He said any state that doesn’t follow CDC guidelines — to open school — should be defunded.

Then he pointed to a blatant lie by their country health officer, Dr. Travis Gayles, “Could Gayles lie any more shamelessly?

In conclusion, he writes, “CDC: School closures kill more children than COVID. Dems: Close all the schools!




    • When did and at whose direction did America stop rooting out the Communists and ejectign them for positions of power? We shouted and wrote our Leaders decades ago to stop the communist long march through our Educational Systems! The Democrat Communists were in power and apparently still are as they are allowed to continue to subvert, to destroy the mins an futures of our youth and our Nation!
      Americans don’t want Communists traitors in our Schools or in our Government in any capacity! It is now so clear that the blind see and the deaf hear that the Virus shutdown of our economy, is a political device of the Democrat Communists to destroy our economy, society and children’s minds! They can and only know the Communist agenda riot but they can’t add 2+2!

    • This country came to its “end” back in 1964, with the passing of the odiously named “civil” rights act, of which stripped all citizens of their freedom of association. The icing on that cake arrived the following year with Uncle Teddy Kennedy’s Immigration Reform Act, opening the floodgates to the invasion of hordes from the third world, and of course their voting patterns, i.e. 90% favorable to the Democratic party, a stat that remains unchanged since.

      No, what We the People are engaged in is an effort to take our country BACK, if we’ve the courage and the intestinal fortitude (bka GUTS) to do as much. An unexamined life is not worth living, similar can be said of any/all societies.

      23 trillion dollars spent to uplift these ingrates since the inception of The Great Society; for that kind of money we could be standing on Mars about now. Instead, we find ourselves standing in Detroit, and not a single, solitary word of gratitude for having done as much. Not….one…word.

  1. Defund public schools. We pay too much and get sub-standard performance. More than half the money we pay to schools goes to teachers perks and their obscene retirement plans. Those plans are bankrupting some cities and states. Let them save for the own retirement, just like most of us do.

    • Maryland RESIDENTS !!! Read this.
      Maryland Constitution – Declaration of Rights
      Article 6.That all persons invested with the Legislative or Executive powers of Government are the Trustees of the Public, and, as such, accountable for their conduct: Wherefore, whenever the ends of Government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the People may, and of right ought, to reform the old, or establish a new Government; the doctrine of non–resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.

    • Trump should pull a Reagan and fire them all. You look at 2 areas where Unions cause our biggest issues right now….education and law enforcement. You can`t get rid of the bad apples.

  2. All publicly funded (taxpayer) unions should be illegal. All many of these unions care about is getting more tax money and to hell with the actual job they are paid to do. Highly paid too with wonderful benefits, retirement and apparently lavish conventions (vacations) to boot! There isn’t much the government does efficiency not to mention even trying to spend the money wisely.

  3. This is an attempt by the teachers union to slam the door shut on private schools and they will stop at nothing to strengthen their base and cause. If anyone thinks this group cares about the kids you are smoking something very mind altering, or are a product of their brain washing garbage.

  4. Why don’t the private schools meet in someone’s home in small groups? Rotate houses & participants. They can’t jail people for meeting in their own homes.

  5. People of all colors seem determined to forge their own chains, that’s why Communism/Socialism spreads like cancer. Far too many folks are mindless drones all to willing to let their Government tell them what they can say, think, or do. Over 1 million have died defending our liberties, millions more have been wounded. They die around the world today to preserve our freedoms, while our Government becomes ever more heavy handed. They can only do this because the drones don’t care or think. Just my opinion, and I’ll never wear a mask, nor would I allow them to tell me how my child is to be educated.

  6. So why is daycare without education fine, but education (which often amounts to not much more than daycare) illegal?

    It’s okay in Mont Co to let non-teachers care for the kids, but not have teachers teach the kids? Probably in the same building?

    (asking for a friend)….

  7. {“Childcare is fine. But no school. It’s the teaching and the learning that allegedly spreads disease. It’s so transparently wrong,”}
    The disease is leftism, so hell yes the teaching spreads disease. Decertify public teachers unions.

  8. You have to question anything Montgomery County at this point is saying.
    But according to the CDC, any state that doesn’t follow CDC guidelines — to open school — should be defunded.
    Despite the CDC mandate, They are ordered to stay closed until at least October 1st.
    If anyone disobeys, they will send them to prison for a year and fine them thousands of dollars.
    It’s a blatant lie,by their country health officer, Dr. Travis Gayles, Montgomery County. To keep a private school closed.
    So the next question is? Is the Democrat Party and the Teachers Union trying ti suppress the recovery effort’s, the White House is trying to move forward with?
    At this point I think it’s clear.

  9. Liberals created incredibly unbelievable scenarios just like these heading up to the election of slick willy. Algore takes the mic and says, “everything that’s ‘sposed to be up is down and what’s ‘sposed to be down is up.” Trying to blame it on the Republicans. Liberalism is a sexually transmitted disease and a mental disorder.

    • Maryland, land of wimpy! and to think they almost had the balls to join the Confederacy in 1861!
      A slow slide from Testosterone into an ocean of Estrogen!

  10. Its coming communist thugs running around everywhere and it is looking like they are going to get by with it .I do not think there will be any armed resistance not now .I used to think there would be a civil war before the communists took over I no longer believe that.

  11. Notice that teachers, administrators and union officials all continue to get full salary while doing no work? They would be overjoyed if the schools never open.

  12. If the schools are going to be closed, then the teachers and most staff need to be furloughed (without pay, but still subject to recall under contract) until they reopen. If they are going to “tele-education” then the number of teachers need to be re-evaluated (since the teacher/student ratio can be vastly increased – since parents are the detail aides) and the rest furloughed until the schools reopen.

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