Sen Feinstein says China is growing into a ‘respectable country among nations’


Most Americans realize that the reason China has a lot of productive citizens is because of the wealth they obtained from the USA and other Western countries. That reality, however, has not affected Senator Dianne Feinstein, who had a Chinese spy in her employ for 20 years. She claims China “pulled tens of millions of people out of poverty” and is growing into a “respectable country among nations.”

She “deeply believes that.” (watch the clip below)

Uh, yeah, no.


Feinstein is one of those Congresspeople who sold us out to China. She lauds China as a trading partner while they used that role to become the drugstore of the world and as company after company fled the U.S. for China, taking our manufacturing sector with them.

The Uighurs being herded off to re-education camps or gulags might disagree with Feinstein. Hong Kong, which recently lost its sovereignty and freedom, disagrees.

The only reason China became wealthy is they used that aspect of the financial system — capitalism — because they were flailing. The USA made China rich.

They use their dominance in trade to hurt others.

Recently, the Australian government came out meekly in support of a probe into the origins of COVID-19 and China punished them for it, barring and taxing its key agricultural imports.

Beijing, recently busy engaging in a deadly standoff at the border with India, has been building fake islands — armed islands — menacing one of the most important trade routes in the world — the South China Sea.


They constantly threaten and trash the U.S. president and spread vile propaganda against the administration. That is election interference. They steal our intellectual property, spy on companies and universities, infiltrate education and entertainment, buy the loyalty of companies and the NBA, and mind control the World Health Organization.

They spy on universities to get the vaccine and they want a worldwide spying operation via Huawei.

Armed Chinese coast guard vessels sailed near their Senkaku Islands daily for months and Beijing told its citizens not to travel to Canada because they didn’t like some of their actions politically.

They are menacing Taiwan and Xi promised to take them over.

The ultra authoritarians of the Chinese Communist Party oppress their citizens and no slight microaggression is ignored.

They tolerate no dissent.

If they need body parts, they go to the live inmates of their gulags to get them.


As the virus went rampant in China, they forbade travel within the country but let its citizens travel the world, spreading it everywhere. Then they hinted they would stop needed drugs to the USA.

Feinstein has become quite rich from her business ties with China. Since 1979, Feinstein has been a devoted advocate for Chinese Communists in the Senate. She has never wavered.

Washington Free Beacon put this clip up in case you don’t believe she made these comments — on Thursday:

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