Evil people are doxxing police online to limit their ability to do their jobs?


A report out of the Department of Homeland Security is very disturbing and very dangerous for our police officers nationwide. The Associated Press reveals that the names and addresses of police officers and their families are being doxxed online so that they can be targeted.

As violent demonstrators take over the streets in blue cities over the death of George Floyd, bad actors online are releasing the personal information of police officers nationwide.

According to an unclassified intelligence document from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, obtained by The Associated Press, the “doxxing,” could lead to attacks by “violent opportunists or domestic violent extremists” or could prevent law enforcement officials from carrying out their duties.

Multiple high-ranking police officials in a number of cities, including Washington, Atlanta, Boston, and New York, blue cities with weak or complicit leadership, have had their personal information shared on social media, including their home addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers, the report warns.

One police commissioner was doxxed for allegedly supporting the use of tear gas.


In Kentucky, it’s even worse. The evildoers released information on family members, their addresses, full names, the vehicles they drive, and their online accounts.

The personal information of another officer from San Jose, California, and his family was also posted online calling for others to “do with this information what you will,” the report said.

It’s not against the law.

Officers are encouraged to increase security settings on their accounts. They are told to avoid games or quizzes requiring personal info. Officers also must be wary of suspicious emails and not post phone numbers online.

The Department of Homeland Security is reasonably sure that the culprits are targeting officers “to undermine law enforcement’s response to ongoing lawful protests.”

Instead of censoring the President, the social media giants should attempt to delete the accounts of people who post personal information of others.

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