Ex-MP Claiming Kyiv-Backing Wants NATO to Kill Russian Leaders


According to the London Times, a former Russian State Duma MP Ilya Ponomarev implied he would pressure NATO leaders to assassinate members of President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle and overthrow the Russian government. That would be World War III, plus it’s a war crime. Who the hay is this idiot?

The New York Times loves this guy and frequently posts his propaganda.

The British newspaper spoke to Ilya Ponomarev, a self-described representative of the “Russian resistance.” He outlined his plan to submit a document during the 75th NATO summit in Washington next month that justifies the use of force against those close to Putin.

The former politician claims to speak on behalf of Kyiv-backed militant forces that staged incursions into Russian regions bordering Ukraine before the Russian presidential election in March. The groups also claimed credit for the murders of military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky and journalist Darya Dugina.

He claims to have 10,000 sympathizers in the country, who allegedly do more than just post anti-government messages on social media.

It’s Just Something Different

“We’re doing something different. We’re involved in derailing the trains and attacking refineries. There was the attack on the Kremlin dome,” Ponomarev alleged.

“If you have 5,000 armed and trained people, you can go and capture Moscow,” he argued while lamenting that Western officials are reluctant to show public support for his cause.

“They like people who do human rights things, maybe a little bit of counterpropaganda,” Ponomarev complained. “But those who have a real role in actual resistance and fighting for freedom – no, they prefer to keep out.”

Asked whether he was planning an assassination attempt against Putin, as implied by the title of his book – ‘Does Putin have to die?’

Ponomarev responded that people close to Putin would not allow the Russian president “to survive to a fair trial.” In other words, he has to die.

Then we get someone even worse, and they’ll bomb the US Capitol. OUR BORDERS ARE WIDE OPEN!

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